Android apps for persons with disabilities


Android apps for persons with disabilities friendly apps on the market and the diverse skills of children, adults with special needs, persons with disabilities and parents…

Apple – iPhone iPad apps for persons with disabilities


iPhone iPad apps for persons with disabilities – iComm, Parking Mobility, soundAMP Lite, Verbally, Ldn Access, Proloquo2Go, VoiceOver, Zoom, Siri, FaceTime, Alernaive Alerts, Large Text, Eye Reader, colorID, LookTel Money Reader, LookTel Recognizer, VizWiz, Light Detector, TextDetective, SayText, Dragon Dictation, Drive Safe, Sendero GPS LookAround, Ariadne GPS, BlindSquare, Audiobooks from Audible, Pastime Audiobook, DaisyWorm, BrailleTouch, Fleksy Keyboard, Skype, soundAMP, Gesture Music Player, LouderTV, Hamilton Captel, ClearCaptions, earSensor, TapSpeak Button, TapSpeak Sequence, Scene & Heard Lite, TapToTalk™, Alexicom AAC, SoundingBoard, AutoVerbal, Sono Flex, iWander, It’s Done, Grace, iConverse, First Then Visual Schedule, iPrompts® PRO, Pocket Picture Planner, Life Skills Winner Task Player, Simon Says Game, Concentrate! timer.

Kerala Government Schemes for differently abled


Kerala Government provide various welfare scheme for the differentially abled persons are implemented through the state Corporation

Census of India 2011 : Disabled population


Information on disability of individuals was collected during the Population Enumeration phase of Census 2011 through ‘Household Schedule’ . Similar information was collected during 2001 census also. Information for individuals residing in ‘Normal’, ‘Institutional’ and ‘Houseless’ households were collected.

Customs Concessions for Persons With Disabilities


Customs Concessions, when imported into India by a disabled person ( persons with disabilities ) for his personal use, from the whole of the duty of customs and the additional duty subject to the condition that the importer produces to the Assistant Collector of Custom

I Am Capable Of Doing All Of Them – Raja Mahendra Pratap


Assign me any work; I am capable of doing all of them. I don’t need sympathy of people. Treat me normally and I will love it. I wish that people and society treat disabled with respect and accept them

Universal Design in the Built environments


A guide for Creating Accessible building infrastructure for Persons with disability

Build an Accessible Windows 8.1 App


​Learn how to design and develop fully accessible Windows 8.1 apps. You’ll hear about the new Accessibility features built into Windows 8.1 and pick up some tips and tricks for making your controls accessible.

Nominations invited for Swabhiman Award 2014


Daijiworld weekly, had identified and felicitated seven differently-abled achievers by presenting ‘Swabhiman Award’ to Swabhiman Award. last date to receive nominations will be April 15, 2014.

Tamil Nadu Government Orders (G.O) for Differently abled


Tamil Nadu Government Order (G.O) for Differently abled people – employment, reservation, training, education, social security etc

Election Commission to provide several facilities for differently abled voters


The 2014 Lok Sabha elections are touted to be more disabled-friendly as the Election Commission has vowed to provide facilities to make all polling stations accessible.

Karnataka Differently Abled District Departments


List of Karnataka Government Differently abled District Departments

Malvika Iyer – I have never sat down and cried…


Along the way, my family and friends have been incredible — especially my mom, who has been my biggest pillar of strength



Smartcane device is an electronic travel aid which fits as handle of the white cane. As white cane can only detect obstacles up to knee height, Smartcane compliments its functionality by detecting obstacles from knee to head height.

Best Android Apps for children with Autism


While the tools technology offers Autism students can be useful for anyone, they can be particularly useful for those with limited abilities in some areas. Parents, teachers, and medical caregivers of individuals with autism know this for sure, and the technology world has followed suit

Facilities for Differently Abled College Student : AICTE


In order to develop awareness in the higher education system and also to provide necessary guidance and counselling to differently-abled persons, it is expected that the Institutes

Lays out guidelines on “Portrayal of Persons with Disabilities” : BCCC


Portrayal of Persons with Disabilities in TV Programmes and “Depiction & Use of National Flag, National Emblem, National Anthem and Map of India”. With these two, the number of Advisories issued by BCCC goes up to 10.’

It’s not just the right thing to do… Yves Veuillet, IBM


Yves Veuillet, IBM : I started my career in IBM about 25 years ago,” says Veulliet, Global Disability & Inclusion Manager. “Because IBM already had a longstanding commitment to the inclusion of persons with disabilities, I was lucky to find myself in an enabling environment.

Assistive Technology for Children with Autism


how various modes of technology (including technology designed as augmentative communication systems), can be used for children with autism to increase or improve their

Tell Me About Autism


Tell Me about autism – Things are different abroad, where it is mandatory for every child with autism to receive state support and services, while here we are still trying to get the government to include autism in the new legislation for people with disabilities.

Guidelines for providing certain facilities : Persons With Disabilities


Guidelines for providing certain facilities in respect of persons with disabilities who are already employed in Government for efficient performance of their duties

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