7 useful tips to teach Dyslexia Students

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 7 useful tips to teach Dyslexia StudentsDyslexia is “reading disabilities” and people suffering from dyslexia face problems in reading, writing and spelling words or text. Some of students as well as grown individuals have Dyslexia problem. Students are more affected since reading is involved in most part of their life. Thus dyslexia students should be handled with care and treated by giving proper attention to make them succeed in life.
Being a private tutor, I have handled tutoring classes for 5 Dyslexia students. And proud to say all 5 of them are doing well now. Since I get tutoring opportunities for Dyslexia students, I made a decision to know more about the disease, and steps to cure them. I have started to research on this and found out that 95% of dyslexia is curable when it is noted earlier and if proper treatment is given. Parents should take extra care on their children especially at ages from 11 to 17. Moreover teachers play vital role in educating children therefore they can observe each student capability and inform parents immediately when student suffer from reading disability.
Here are few necessary things that private tutors or teachers can make note of while teaching Dyslexia students, follow these tips while teaching them and be proud and happy if you see positive changes from them.
• Give visual learning practice:
It is fact that when students have reading problems, they start to visualize things. Thus by giving visual learning practice they can understand lessons easily. Dyslexia students have problems to copy lessons for board thus help them to write class notes correctly. Periodically check their written works and explain the mistakes they did. Moreover by training to imagine things visually, they can correlate notes with imagination and show better results.

• Make notes simple and sequential:
The above said problem can be rectified by following this step also. Private tutors can simplify notes and arrange in sequential order so that students understand it easily. Give more real time examples to make them imagine concepts and understand from it. Be conscious on fonts used. Bigger fonts are preferable because it will help students to view properly.

• Encouragement is most important:
Homeschooled dyslexia students get more attention because they are educated in their own place by private tutors. Thus personal tutors, on following above steps, can be as part of solution for curing dyslexia problems. However private attention can be given to students facing dyslexia problems in public schools. Dyslexia may take two to three years to get resolved thus encourage students to build self-confidence.
• Give learning exercises’ to improve memory power:
You should understand that dyslexia students face memory loss problem. Learning exercises will help them to overcome this issue. For instance, to practice numerical counting, make student to count number of students in class. Thus they practice numbers easily.

• Follow Multi-sensory teaching method:
What is “Multi-sensory teaching method?”
Teachers should know about this method. It is making students to learn using more than one sense. Draw pictures or diagrams in board and teach using that thus visual sense is increased. Teach using practice examples so students’ imaginary sense is developed. Listening sense is developed by teaching classes.

• Teach them how to overcome dyslexia:
As mentioned in above point, dyslexia may take two or three years to be cured. Private tutors should make them understand it and provide support for dyslexia people. Teach them few innovative tips to overcome the problems. By using this technique regularly, students can get rid of dyslexia.

• Use helpful software for more benefits:
Online software is available which helps dyslexia students to develop their learning skills. Use them and make students to learn from it. In particular software, students’ pronunciation and phonetics can be improved. Students can master spellings using “spelling check software”.