A Humanitarian Act

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Suhas is a 10 years old boy, studying in V grade in some village in Davangere. He comes from an economically weak family. He was like any other child in school until the time when he started feeling difficulty in copying from the black board. He also had other complaints like missing a catch while playing cricket, reading books from a close distance. This was when, he came to Narayana Nethralaya and the tests confirmed him with a diagnosis called Cone dystrophy and hereditary macular degeneration. This irreversible condition made him a person with low vision.


This, his father, thought was the end of his education. But his assumption was proven wrong when he was referred to the low vision and rehabilitation department. After few sessions of counseling and low vision evaluation, the family was convinced to make Suhas use the low vision device.


Time and again, the question was about financial resources to buy the device. The family stepped back, unable to get the money required. They went back home cursing their dual misfortune of poverty and disability.


But we did not stop, however. We tried contacting philanthropists who would be able to help him. That is when Rotary club of Narayana Health City came forward to sponsor the major portion of the device called telescope, with the help of Dr. Himanshu Matalia, Medical Superintendent, and Narayana Nethralaya.


When contacted to inform the father, his happiness knew no bounds. After proper training to use the device and dispatching, today Suhas is independent in copying and reading from the board. A letter was given to the teacher explaining the necessity to use the device.


The counseling sessions has helped him to overcome concerns like cricket and reading books. His father is all smiles and says, “Thanks to Rotary and thanks to Rehabilitation department of Narayana Nethralaya!”