Aakar Asha Centre : One Rupee Reconstructive Surgery Campaign

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One Rupee Reconstructive Surgery Campaign

One Rupee Reconstructive Surgery Campaign

Aakar Asha Centre for Enablement of Physically Disabled, Kukatpally, has launched a ‘One Rupee Reconstructive Surgery Campaign’ for differently-abled persons. The centre will hold camps at 12 locations in the city to identify persons who might benefit from reconstructive surgeries.

Such surgeries are usually beneficial to patients who have suffered burns, accidents where they have suffered disfigurement and those who are recovering after the removal of benign tumours. “The entire cost of consultation, blood tests and reconstructive surgery will be borne by us. I also request individuals and groups to support us in this noble cause by donating generously, “said director and managing trustee, ‘Aakar Asha’, Bharatendu Swain.

The campaign also aims at seeking partners to mobilise physically disabled persons to camps, reaching out to donors, matching donors and beneficiaries and follow-up care of beneficiaries. “We have noticed that with proper intervention, transformation happens in many cases. The campaign will reach out to credible groups to partner in this cause for raising donations,”he said. Interested donors can call: 23050960/8978468242.

Source : thehindu.com