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Aarrvins Home is a humanitarian organization mainly fighting for the developmentally delayed persons. We are a non-profit organization with a primary Aarrvins Homefocus on upliftment of the underprivileged mentally and physically disabled children mainly the coastal areas of Tamilnadu, India. Located in Muthalakurichy (Hope Centre), with mentally challenged persons and has facilities for special care and education, vocational training and medical rehabilitation. It will be considered a model centre.


Aarrvins Home has various activities and it is not an easy task to categorize these activities; however it has ensured that all activities would result in the total development of the mentally challenged. Eventhough there are the Key Programmes which are strategic in nature But accepting the fact that nothing is perfect and everything is moving towards the ideal.

No single word can epitomize Aarvins Home, however, one thing stands clear, In all its background and history, in all its activities, in all its various programmes, Nothing is standalone. Mentally challenged are treated as a part of the community. Their activities and programmes are towards normalization. An interesting aspect that stands out in this is that each of the units, activities, and programmes, are also a “normal” thing… for example training for mothers, training of teachers, vocational programmes, arts/cultural/sports activities; all these are the “norm” for ordinary humans.

History of Aarrvins Home

A situation analysis which brought into light the suffering of the disabled in Tamil Nadu state touched the tender heart of Mr. John Thomas (President) and his wife Sheela Thomas (Special Trained Teacher) and the idea of creating a Shelter for the mentally and physically disabled children struck them and it was a humble beginning in 1991.

Aarrvins Home, the long cherished dream of this philanthropic minded couple came into existence as a registered charitable Trust. Over the years it has come a long way, earning recognition as an asylum of the mentally retarded children, giving a ray of hope to hundreds of parents. It is inspired to see that the institution takes care of the hapless children who were thrown away from the mainstream of the society for none of their faults.
The huge financial commitments have never made the founders to compromise on the quality of services provided to the children. Many things have been done; much to remain, for disability is a curse in this state and the disabled an unwanted being. It is here that we follow a dream with specific plans to realize it. The organization’s governing body, elected by the members at an annual meeting. All members are responsible for gaining a basic understanding and initiating action in support of its mission, goals and programs.This includes assisting in expanding its outreach and increasing its visibility and donor support. All members are volunteers and serve without compensation.

Vision of Aarrvins Home

Aarrvins Home aims to work for the total development of the mentally challenged persons. It does so by acquiring and disseminating information on the mentally challenged. It undertakes researches to chalk out methods of normalization and to promote awareness of this problem. Also the needs of the afflicted is to be communicated among parents, families and the general public. It also aims to help, organize and provide the mentally challenged persons rehabilitation oriented pre-school and school education, vocation based training and employment opportunities…. from the darkness to the light, from pain to pleasure, Let us lead the Children.

Support a Child

Aarrvins Home is seeking your help in providing emergency assistance and currently there is a tremendous need for food, Medecine, Cloth and other daily survival items. .We invite all philanthropic minded people to support our children at Aarrvins Home through contribution and there are children awaiting for some one like you.

Communication Address
Aarrvins Trust, Muthalakurichy, Thiruvithancode P. O., Kanyakumari District, Tamilnadu – 629 174, India
Tel: 91 9995761539, Tele fax: 91 471 2433397 E-mail: care@harmonyhome.co.in