Accessibility Options in Windows

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Ever faced a problem in pressing multiple keys simultaneously?

Is the sunlight glare obstructing you from viewing the screen content?

Missed out on an audio alert while working in a noisy environment?

Would you like to control the mouse via the keyboard?

Microsoft Windows XP enables you to satisfy all the above. In Windows XP, users can configure the computer to meet their access needs via the ‘Accessibility Options’ found under the ‘Control Panel’ window.

Accessibility Options in Windows XP consists of different settings which are sub-categorized in to keyboard, sound, display, mouse and general settings. Following subcategories include answers to the different problems faced by the users.



  • Unable to listen to audio alerts
  • Unable to understand the information provided using audio alone


  • Difficulty in reading the screen contents due to poor color contrast
  • Unable to locate the cursor
  • Size of the icons is too small


  • Difficulty in using a mouse


  • Unintentionally turned on an Accessibility feature
  • Difficulty in using a keyboard or the mouse

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