Accessibility Viewer (aViewer)

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Accessibility Viewer (aViewer)
The Accessibility Viewer (aViewer) is an inspection tool for Windows that displays the accessibility API information (MSAA, IAccessible2, UI Automation, ARIA, HTML DOM) exposed by web browsers to the operating system, and thus to any assistive technology (AT) such as screenreaders.


aViewer Screenshot


  • Exposes MSAA, IAccessible2 (in Firefox and Chrome), ARIA, HTML DOM and UI Automation (in Internet Explorer) properties.
  • Displays a navigable accessibility tree. The tree scope can be customized via the View menu.
  • Accessibility properties, accessibility tree and HTML code panes.
  • Customize which MSAA, IAccessible2 and UI Automation properties to display via the settings dialog:
  • Show balloon tip with MSAA, IAccessible2 and HTML code information on element hover, focus or as you navigate the accessibility tree.
  • Information to display in the balloon tip can be customized by using the View menu ALT+V – Balloon Tips sub-menu.
  • Customize what to display via the View menu (ALT+V)
  • IAccessible2 relations are listed in the object information tree view

The Accessibility Viewer (aViewer) toolbar

  • Watch Focus F4 – Information will be displayed for the element that has focus
  • Watch Cursor F5 – Information will be displayed for the element that is under the cursor
  • Show Highlight Rectangle F6 – places a visible highlight rectangle around the element that is currently being inspected
  • Show tooltip F3 – displays tooltip in context with MSAA information (note: accessible name for this button is not currently user friendly)
  • Copy Text to Clipboard F7 – copies all the information currently displayed to the clipboard
  • Focus Rectangle Only F8 – disables all features except the keyboard focus rectangle
  • Navigate to Parent Object F9
  • Navigate to First Child Object F10
  • Navigate to Previous Sibling Object F11
  • Navigate to Next Sibling Object F12
  • Show Online Help F1 – opens the Accessibility Viewer (aViewer) help in a browser window.
  • Desktop Mode – Disables HTML and ARIA inspection features.
Brand : aViewer
Developed & Support by: The Paciello Group

Download Accessibility Viewer (zip , 800kb) | English and Japanese Version