Affordable Hearing Aid Project Centre

AHAP Centre has a full-fledged team with an ENT Consultant, Audiologists, Speech Therapists, Technicians, Outreach Coordinator with the administrativeAffordable Hearing Aid Project Centre - AHAP staff to serve the people…


a) To propagate and evangelize on the importance of Ear and its care

b) To prevent hearing disability among children by early detection

c) To crash the myth and the stigma of using a hearing aid

d) To rehabilitate the community having hearing and speech disability through Speech Therapy

Out reach

In the present era of communication, living in silence is certainly a punishment. To create awareness, screening camps are conducted in villages and towns of southern districts in Tamilnadu.

While prevention is better than cure, early diagnosis and intervention can certainly help those suffering in the world of ‘soundless silence’. To identify hearing loss in school children, we train teachers and refer the children to centers where supporting facilities are available.

Testing Facilities

We have a full-fledged facility of ENT examination by an ENT Surgeon and audiological evaluation by a professional audiologist.

Our centre is well equipped with all modern and updated testing equipment to assess hearing even for the new born. These tests are done in sound treated rooms.

Pure Tone Audiometry

Oto acoustic Emission (OAE) Testing

Tympanometry & Reflex Testing

Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) and

Auditory Steady State Response (ASSR)

Other Facility

1. All ranges and types of Digital/Analog hearing aids at an affordable price

2. Fitting Hearing aids with custom-made mould made at our mould lab.

3. Counselling and Follow up services


As per data collected by National Sample Survey Organization (NSSO) 10 to 13 percentage of school children in the country have speech defects including difficulty in articulation, stuttering, middle-ear disorders which lead to learning disability. These children need Speech Therapy. Our centre has a full time Speech Therapist and we give Speech Therapy to adults and children with hearing disability as well as other disabilities like autism, Cerebral Palsy, etc.

Contact Address …



MADURAI – 625 020,


Phone : +91 – 452 – 2533568, 4393568.

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  1. Few years before from Uk i come to 278 Anna road,Maduri to get the Hearing aid .I also stayed for 7/8 days in Hotel for test my hearing aid which they mold for me.
    During my stay they mention thatSo they have branch in Chandigarh ,Punjab.
    So in future instead of all the way to madurai i can get the same service in Chandigarh.
    Would you please send me contact (email,Phone,Address) for chandigarh hearing aid centre.

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