Anbagam Special Educational Trust

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Anbagam Special Educational Trust (ASET) is recognized for providing special care and training to all children fulfilling their special needs. We have implemented Individualized Education Program based on individualized assessment for the purpose. The school gives training to children according to their nature, capability and severity of disability. Based on each child’s level of functioning, teaching aids and learning materials are preferred to benefit them. We give additional attention to each child with a view to improve their activities of daily living, functional academic skills, and many more.

Vocational Training:

Anbagam Special Educational Trust has been appreciated for offering highly effective vocational skill-oriented training to mentally challenged children, who are above the age of 12 years. We make each possible effort to help them in developing their physical and mental abilities, creative skills, vocational aptitude and interest, etc, which are essential for leading an independent life in future. The mentioned below vocational trainings are offered to children to help them in developing a sense of personal satisfaction and self-esteem, and gaining social acceptance.

  • Computer Education
  • Stitching & Embroidery
  • Cooking & Domestic Chores
  • Craft Work & Clay Modeling
  • Greeting Cards Making
  • Drawing

Speech & Sound Therapy

Proper communication skills are important for mentally challenged children for expressing their needs and emotions. ASET has introduced chanting of mantra as one of the techniques for developing language & communication skills. Regular Mantra chanting and classical music sessions help the mentally challenged children to improve their memory retention capability. This exercise also enables them to enhance their attention, concentration, etc. It helps in learning academic skills as well.

Recreational Activities

Regular extra – curricular classes like sports, games, dance, music, craftwork, painting & drawing etc are conducted in order to nurture children’s hidden talents and develop their creative skills. Providing proper recreational activities for special children is as important as for any normal children. It contributes Anbagam Special Educational Trust substantially to their physical, emotional and psychological development. We provide various indoor and outdoor recreational equipments to mentally challenged children. It helps in their all round development and provide opportunity to interact with others and enjoy their free time. Our talented team of specialists select selected the Recreational Activities according to the level and aptitude of each child.

Rehabilitation Programs

provide special training and care to mitigate the degree of disability and improve the residual abilities, of children below the age of 6 years. Its early intervention program mainly focuses on sensory motor training and sensory stimulation programs and pre- academic skill training. For improving gross and fine motor muscle movements, physical exercise and yoga are regularly practiced in the school. State-of-the-art equipments are also provided for physical exercises.


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