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Mrs.Rani Krishnan, the Founder & Secretary of Annai Fathima Trust was working as a petition collector, who collects the petitions from the public and submit them to the gate security officer in charge of Thiru M.G.Ramachandran ,then former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. Mrs.Rani Krishnan worked there for 2 years. During her working period for the Chief Minister she always waited for an opportunity to express her desire to dedicate her life to the poor and the needy. Finally she got an opportunity to express her desires to the ruling Chief Minister Thiru M.G.Ramachandran who was amazed to see a young women with such a rare desire and he was very pleased to allocate her a place to start her career as a social worker. Hence the Kancheepuram District Collector allocated a place outside the city limit to establish the dream of Mrs.Rani Krishnan. At the age of 20 Mrs.Rani Krishnan was given a task beyond her imagination as she always had a limited thoughts and now she has been provided a place which could accommodate more than 100 children. Now the fear within her to accomplish the dream grew more when she was not accepted by the village people at the early 80’s. Mrs.Rani Krishnan started the Annai Fathima trust.

Annai Fathima Child Welfare Centre.

  • Being recognized and registered (41/83) by the State Government of Tamil Nadu, India as one of the best NGO for its true social activities. The organization being a minority institution was awarded its recognition after 3 years from its establishement.
  • Awarded 80G to be exempted from the Tax payment.

Annai Fathima Child Welfare Centre, has worked out it’s best to provide quality and best education possible to the children. Mrs.Rani Krishnan did not stop the dreams of the children under her care, rather she encouraged them to think about their future and helped the children to achieve it. As everyone realizes the importance of education Mrs.Rani Krishnan also gave more importance for the children’s education by collecting funds from many people to educate a single child. It’s a known fact that parents do feel difficult to educate their own children but Mrs.Rani Krishnan with the help from many people molded many abandoned children into Graduates.

  • Remeggious B.E. sponsored by Mrs.Vijayarani Lawrence Singapore, Mr.John Brritto, and Mr.Krishnamoorthy from Chennai.
  • Bharathi B.E. sponsored by Mrs.Alphonse Mary from Chennai and Mr.Babu Cyril from Dubai.
  • Rajesh B.E. was sponsored by Mrs.Stephan , Mrs.Jaya and Mrs.Lakshmi from Singapore.
  • Krishnamurthy B.E. got the aid from Ms.Lakshmi from Singapore, Mrs.Akila, Mrs.Meena from Chennai.
  • Christo B.Sc. got his financial assistance from Mr.Lourduraj from Madurai ,Mr.Leo Sundaram and Mr.Jesu Raj from Chennai.
  • Ananthalakshmi B.Sc. has obtained her degree by the help availed from Mrs.Jacquline Lucas from the U.S, Mrs.Juilee Raj from Chennai.
  • Nancy D.C.T has obtained the aid from Mr.Srikumar from the U.S to do her Diploma Degree.
    Other children like Selvi, Agihta, Divya, Rita, Raju, Karthick, Bhaskar and many more have done their vocational training in tailoring and catering. Few female students have taken up Beautician course to become entrepreneur in future.
    Many other students like Sridhar final year diploma, Sudahar XII, Gopi XII, Mohan IX, Siranjevee X, Prabhu X, Gayathri X and many more are awaiting for financial aid to continue their education further.
    Hearty thanks to Ms.Alison, Dr.Viswanathan from the U.K and Mr.Christhuraj from Chennai for providing furniture’s worth of Rs.50,000 for the Annai Fathima Nursery & Primary School.
    We take the privilege to thank the World Bank for providing notes and stationary items for the entire students for the academic year 2005.
    We appreciate the approaches and some help given by the people of various IT firms from this year 2005.
    We the Annai Fathima Trust at this juncture, thank all the sponsors for their kind needful help and we appreciate our beloved Founder & Secretary Mrs.Rani Krishnan for her efforts taken in finding sponsors for the various activities taken place at the Annai Fathima Child Welfare Centre.
Children of Annai Fathima Child Welfare Centre at the early 80’sChildren of Annai Fathima Child Welfare Centre at the early 80’s

The trust was started at the early 80’s with 10 children and only in a thatched roofed room was available to Mrs.Rani Krishnan and the children of the Annai Fathima Trust. The picture shows Mrs.Rani Krishnan, Mr.Krishnan and Mrs.Alphonse Mary mother of Mrs.Rani Krishnan. But now after a sheer hard work and sacrifice of Mrs.Rani Krishnan for 25 years have made the centre a place to accommodate nearly 150 children of which 30 Tsunami affected people and children have also got the shelter of this growing institution, which will definitely become a place to provide shelter for more people with the grace of the Lord and sponsors like you.

Marriage hosted by Mrs.Rani Krishnan.Marriage hosted by Mrs.Rani Krishnan.

Mrs.Rani Krishnan does not stop with nursing of children and senior citizens but she extents her activity till more like a mother, where she also finds a bride for the girls brought up under her care, from the beginning till now she has arranged the marriage for 23 women, by collecting funds and the house hold requirements required to lead a domestic life as she firmly believes that its her duty to provide a secured life in future.

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