Apex Multi Rehabilitation Centre

MRC [Multi Rehab Centre] starts with a notion of one step solution. A complete intervention program for all developmental disorders and disabilities under one roof. Mingling of professionals in team approach paves a unique way for outstanding treatment prognosis to patients.

Treatment TechniquesDisordersProfessional
Oro Motor ExerciseAutismPsychologist
Auditory Integration TrainingAD/HDSpeech Therapist
Sensory Integration TrainingHearing ImpairmentAudiologist
Neuro Muscular StimulationCerebral PalsyOccupational Therapist
Fecilitatory Electrical StimulationAphasiaPhysiotherapist
Automatic Speech ProductionStutteringSpecial Educator
Hydro Therapy/Rebouncing TherapyVoice ProblemYoga Therapist
Cognitive Linguistic InterventionLearing DisabilityMusician
Program (CLIP)Parkinson/Stroke/Demental
Hearing TestCleft Lip/Palate
Hearing Aid Sales & Service
Special Education Training

Paediatric Physiotherapy:

Cerebral palsy in developmental neuro motor or a neuro developmental motor feaceing delay in nulestones neckness of limbs differently in locomotion and Apex Multi Rehabilitation Centre-Chennaiassuming postular conics.

Aphasia is an acquired neurological disorder rescutingtom brain injuries, stock etc. Loss/gradual detoilation of earlier acquired skills are prime features of aphasia.

Low back pain, knee joint pain & heel bone pain are also treated here.

These disorders are of prime concern to the department of physiotherapy. They undergo detail gen motor assessment & treatment here.

Physical activities which deals with day to day activities is very essential. Rehabilitation is a process which makes the body active and make them individualized independent. Physiotherapy has a role in both adults and paediatric/children/population.



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