ASLI 2nd National Conference of Sign Language

| | posted on:Hearing Impairment, Speech Impairment
The ASLI is now having its second conference on a national scale in India in February in Delhi. Its a wonderful photo-sign-language-link-istock_000003992225xsmallopportunity to get senior experts together to discuss Interpreting and Sign Language and deaf access issues. Senior leaders in the field both deaf and hearing have confirmed to attend and by all accounts it should be a wonderful event.

The goal wold be to of course get a lot of publicity thru the deaf community and also in the general media as to the importance of interpreters and the access issues that deaf people face on a daily basis which others don’t realise.

Efforts are on even now to get Govt agencies and ministries to participate and gain experience about these critical issues before formulating policies on these matters.

The issue of community interpreting which is by far the most relevant one for a country such as ours wit a population of 10 million deaf persons will be addressed at the conference in detail. I am looking forward to having a number of interpreters who have been working at the grass roots level across the country coming in to share their own experiences and the work that they have been doing. While the presentation will be rather specialised and illuminating in their own way I feel that the ground realities are the indicators by which we will need to chart our future. These will be the most valuable inputs and we hope to capitalise on each attendees experience to guide us.