Aspiration Scheme

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Grants have been released to scheme holders on the basis  of

  • Demand received with requiste details within the due dates
  • Niramaya Application IDs in case of Samarth
  • Inspection reports in case of Samarth
  • Prescribed Eligbility criteria for beneficiaries
  • Scheme guidelines
  • Utilisation reports/ certificates
  • Adjustment of excessive/unutilised  grant given earlier for Oct’09-March’10 in view of  current positions/ reports

Status of Aspiration Proposals received by 10th March, 2010

Status of Grant proposals received under Aspiration Scheme by 10th March, 2010. Clarification if any, with supporting documents should be submitted by 30th April 2010 for consideration. Download here Aspiration


Aspiration Scheme The aim of the scheme is to work with children 0-6 years with developmental disabilities, to make them ready for mainstream and special schools. This is an early intervention programme. The objectives of this scheme are:

Activities under the scheme

  • Awareness generation amongst parents of persons with disabilities, its family members & related Govt. Officials / Teachers.
  • Assessment & evaluation of children with disabilities.
  • Motivation & counselling to parents & families.
  • Training for daily living activities.
  • Pre school skills – (pre-reading, pre-maths etc.)
  • Therapeutic services which includes physiotherapy / occupational therapy / speech / psychotherapy & psychiatric intervention.
  • Audio logical assessment & suitable referral.
  • Music drama / play therapy / pre-vocational training.
  • Facilitation in getting admission into special school and inclusive school.
  • Respite care services (for parents).
  • Social & family integration.

The project is launched during the year 2007-08.  50 projects have been sanctioned and an amount of Rs.61.25 lakh released during the year 2007-08 under the scheme.

Indicative break up of budget

The non-recurring and recurring expenses under each head for a unit of 20 users is as follows  –

(a)Recurring Grant Amount per annum
1Special Educator60000
3PT / OT/ Doctors etc. (3 visits per week)24000
6Diet allowance for all 20 beneficiaries20000
Total 195000
Grand Total (a+b) 245000

The amount will be debited under Aspiration-Day Care Center Scheme head.

  • The Day Care scheme is for 0-6 years age group. Maximum age of exit is 7 years.
  • Transport facility from residence to centre and back for all children have to be provided which will be free of charge for children belonging to BPL families.
  • 1st installment of Rs.1,22,500/- will be released in full.
  • 2nd installment will be released only after adjustment on receipt of proper utilization certificate, progress report and all other documents as mentioned in the scheme brochure.

The funding pattern of Day care centre will be as follows:

1st year                                   100% funding

2nd year                                   100% funding

3rd year                                    75% funding

4th year                                    50% funding

5th year                                    25% funding

6th y ear                                   Grant-in-aid shall be stopped from this period

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