Avaz – ACC App for Autism

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Child Using Avaz to wish Happy Fathers Day | Image source : www.avazapp.com

Avaz is a picture based communication app for Autism. It is a full-featured AAC app which has been developed for children who are non-verbal or who have difficulty speaking.

Avaz has been designed with the vision of making every voice heard! Avaz’s built in vocabulary has 5000+ words, and takes only seconds to personalize with new words.

Avaz grows with the child to develop literacy. It is the only app that tracks therapy sessions to help you measure the child’s progress.

Augmentative Alternative Communication devices
Manufactured by: Avaz
Model: Avaz – India Edition
Rs. 4399.99

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Avaz Video tutorial

This is a short, 2 minute tutorial of Avaz. This tutorial plays the first time you start Avaz. It walks you through how to use the app to communicate, and how to customize the app for a child.

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