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awardsAward for Outstanding Leprosy Work

Dr R Ganapati, Director, BLP received the Award at the hands of Chief Guest Mrs Jaywantiben Mehta, former Union Minister of State for Power.

We are proud to announce that Bombay Leprosy Project’s work for 3 decades was recognized by National Society for Equal Opportunities for the Handicapped – India (NASEOH-India).

The Sulakshana Ram Janam Pandey Award was conferred on BLP, at the foundation day function held on 9th December 2004 in Mumbai.

Sulakshana Ram Janam Pandey Award 2004.


Shell Helen Keller Awardhelenkeller-award

A Meritorius award of Shell Helen Keller. The Ceremony was held on Dec2. 2007 at New Delhi.India. by Dr. Manishankar Aiyar, Union Minister Government of India. This award was conferred for our commitment & services to the differently abled people.

Shell Helen Keller Award

canarabank-awardwe have many awards including Shell Helen Keller Award & Canara Bank award for our meritorious service to the physically challenged…

Canara Bank Award

This award was conferred by Mr. Chidambaram, Honourable Union Finance Minister, Government of India, for our excellent growth, policies towards the differently abled people in our organisation. Our CMD Ms. Pavithra giri is receiving the award.


F.I.C.C.I. Awards

Every year millions of Indians benefit from the efforts of many companies who would like to make a difference. Organisations that believe their performance is important not only financially but also in the social and environmental areas. The F.I.C.C.I. Award celebrates the spirit of such companies and organisations.

The F.I.C.C.I. Awards were instituted in 1967, to promote individual, corporate and institutional initiative in economic, social and scientific areas. Over the years, the Executive Committee of the Federation has made appropriate amendments to the Awards, to take into account changes in society.

Companies and organisations that are recognised are those that work voluntarily towards the development of society (scope of work could be in areas like environmental preservation, education, literacy, family welfare, promotion of arts, crafts and culture, rural development, community development, empowerment of vulnerable groups including women, children and disabled persons).

The award for empowerment of physically disabled people is given in recognition of their services in following areas:

  • Providing training and rehabilitation for disabled people

  • Suggesting workable schemes which assist disabled people

  • Placement/employment of disabled people

  • Providing technical and vocational training/education for disabled people

CavinKare Ability Awards

Ability Foundation in association with CavinKare, has instituted the CavinKare Ability Awards. The award aims to recognise disabled people who have achieved excellence in any field or have rendered exemplary service. The CavinKare Ability Awards include three awards given annually to salute personal triumphs and the extraordinary spirit of achievement.

CavinKare Ability Award For Eminence
This is a single award comprising a citation, a trophy and a cash prize of Rupees 1,00,000. It is awarded to a pathfinder, a person who has been of service to others. The category recognises exemplary achievement and service of disabled people.

CavinKare Ability Mastery Awards
There are two awards in this category, comprising a citation, a memento and a cash prize of Rupees 50, 000. These awards recognise disabled persons who have set a high standard and gone on to achieve it. They have been a source of inspiration to others, although they have not necessarily been directly involved in service to others.

For more information on these awards, log on to
Winners of CavinKare Ability Awards 2003

1. CavinKare Ability Award for Eminence

Naseema Mohammed Amin Hurzuk, Kohlapur, in recognition of her contribution to the disabled community. A wheelchair user since the age 16, she hasablity rehabilitated over 8,000 disabled children through various avenues that include a medical aid centre, vocational training centre, an integrated school, hostel and co-operative credit society.

2. CavinKare Ability Mastery Award

ablioty1Buse Gowda, Bangalore, for his mastery in classical dance. It is rare for a visually impaired person to excel in a visual art form. He has done this and has set the standard for others to follow. He is now part of a dance troupe called Natyanjalli and has over a thousand dance performances, world over, to his credit.

Pradeep Singha, Mumbai – a trained masseuse and an editor at the Braille Press. Pradeep cannot hear, speak or see, but has succeeded in several areas. He works at a ablity3Braille press, is proficient with computers, is also a trained masseuse and also trains other disabled persons at the press.

Nominations sought

CavinKare, a leading name in consumer products and Ability Foundation, in association with the Indian Express Group, invite nominations for the 3rd CavinKare Ability Awards for achievers with disability.

The screening process includes scrutiny and short list on the basis of nomination details. Site visits and reference checks by regional representatives will then further short-list the nominees. Finally, an eminent jury will select the awardees.


National Youth Award To A Differently Ably Abled Youth

Winner of National Award from HIS Excellency Former President of India Dr. A. P. J. Abdul kALAM for distinguished social activities During the south Asian Tsunami, for actively implementing National development programmes and for safegaurding the interests of Physically challenged and Mentally Retarded Children.

Coordinator of Guinness world record event of planting 254646 Number of saplings in the coastal land belt in the aftermath of tsunami.

The medal from the President of India has Motivated me to do more for the needy through my Non-Govermental Organisation, namely, EshaasEP. vide in the Gazette of the Government of India… Outstanding social activities which has brought National Award to Manekshaw:

[Despite Mr. Manekshaw himself being a Physically Challenged person, despite he himself lost everything to the tsunami, his outstanding works measured in quantifiable terms, got noticed and reckoned for National Youth Award from His Excellency President of India Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam]


CNN IBN Citizen Journalist Award 2008

IBN Network announced a very prestigious, path breaking, editorial initiative of the CNN-IBN and IBN7 (Network-18) – Citizen Journalist Award in 2008. CJ Award in �Be The Change� category was awarded to Rajinder Johar on October 16, 2008

CavinKare Ability Eminence Award 2005

The Award was given on February 26, 2005. It is instituted by Ability Foundation, Chennai, in association with CavinKare and consists of a trophy, a citation and a cash prize of Rs. One Lakh. The Award honours those disabled individuals, who have achieved exemplary success in not only overcoming their own disability with great fortitude but have also gone beyond that and are contributing preciously for the welfare of the less privileged section of the society.
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Sir Ganga Ram Hospital 2004

Department of Rehabilitation Medicine and Physiotherapy, SGRH felicitated Dr. Rajinder Johar on December 3, 2004, the World Disability Day, in recognition of his outstanding contribution in the field of rehabilitation of disabled people in India.

12th Red & White Bravery Awards 2003

Attorney General Soli Surabjee conferred Family Of Disabled with Red and White Bravery Silver Award in recognition of its exceptional act of Social Courage on March 30, 2004
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Helen Keller Award in 2003

Instituted jointly by National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People and Shell India, it was conferred on Family Of Disabled on December 2, 2003, for creating employment for poor disabled people.

Besides this, FOD figures in the list of 7 Delhi based NGOs working in the disability sector that has been validated jointly by CAF India and the Planning Commission of the Government of India.

Kailashpati Singhania Award in 2000

Instituted by National Society for Equal Opportunities for the Handicapped India, this award was presented to Rajinder Johar in Mumbai on December 9, 2000 for being an outstanding disabled male.

Red & White Bravery Award (Gold Medal) in 1999

This award, presented on May 26, 1999 by Chief Minister of Delhi Sheila Dikshit, was to recognize an exceptional act of social courage.

Outstanding Achievement Award in 1997

This award, instituted by Management Studies Promotion Institute, New Delhi, was presented to Rajinder Johar on January 3, 1998 for his remarkable achievements in life.

National Award in 1996

This award was presented to Rajinder Johar in public recognition of his outstanding performance as the most efficient self-employed disabled person, from the then President of India, S.D. Sharma on December 3, 1996.

T.P Jhunjhunwala Social Service Award in 1994

This award was presented by Rajasthan Club on January 1, 1995, to honour the contribution made for the betterment of disabled people.

Delhi State Award in 1994

This award was presented by the Department of Social Welfare, Delhi to Ranjinder Johar for his meritorious performance despite severe physical handicap. This award was presented on July 27 1994 by the then Chief Minister of Delhi Madan Lal Khurana.

Manav Sewa Award in 1993

This award, instituted by a voluntary organisation called Sapnaa, was presented to FOD by the then Union HRD Minister Arjun Singh, on August 20, 1993. This award was presented after being nominated by Rajiv Gandhi Foundation for outstanding contribution for welfare of the disabled people.

Professional Excellence Award in 1993

Instituted by the All India Occupational Therapists’ Association, this award is the highest honour recognizing the outstanding services in the profession of Occupational Therapy in India.

Ram Krishna Jai Dayal Harmony Award in 1992

Instituted by Organisation of Understanding and Fraternity, this award was presented on July 6, 1994, in New Delhi, by Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Mulayam Singh Yadav.

Shilpi Kapoor Recipient of the 10th NCPEDP – Shell Helen Keller Award

shilpi kapoorShilpi Kapoor, Managing Director of BarrierBreak Technologies(External website), leading Accessibility consultancy firm of India received the Shell Helen Keller 2008 award on the eve of World Disability Day. She received the award for the Role Model category (non-disabled role model supporter of increased employment opportunities for disable people).

Shilpi started her journey way back in 1995 teaching computers to visually impaired students at her residence. Since then she has not looked back and has made remarkable contributions for the disabled community in India. Along with Bill Gates Foundation she set up the first Computer Training Centre for the visually challenged in Mumbai at Indian Association for the Visually Handicapped (IAVH).

Shilpi then moved on and set up a company, Net Systems Solutions now known as Net Systems Informatics (India) Pvt. Ltd. (N-syst) that provides Knowledge Management and Accessibility solutions. N-syst is the pioneer in the field of accessibility in India. The year 2007 saw the birth of BarrierBreak Technologies a subsidiary of N-syst, adding on to Shilpi’s achievements.

In 2008, Shilpi (BarrierBreak Technologies) along with the Royal National
Institute of Blind people (RNIB) (External website)
UK organized Techshare India conference (External website) and assistive technology exhibition in New Delhi. Techshare India was the first ever Accessibility and Disability conference to be organized in India. Techshare India received an overwhelming response from disabled people, NGOs, corporate sector and Government bodies.

Shilpi has always believed in giving employment opportunities to the disabled rather than looking at them as the dependent segment of our society. More than 50% of the employees at BarrierBreak Technologies are people with disabilities. She has always given importance to people’s abilities rather than their disabilities.

Shilpi is neither the first person nor the last person working for the betterment of people with disabilities in India but her understanding about the needs of people with different types of disability is remarkable. Her passion for doing things differently for accommodating the disabled in the main stream of the society has inspired many including her employees, friends, and relatives.

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