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Our mission is that each and every person has got social responsibility and especially those persons who had an opportunity to get better education and living conditions, they should extend a helping hand to those less fortunate people who are very much below in the society and show light to their lives so that these less fortunate children can also get an opportunity to lead a happy and peaceful life and thus bring down the social imbalance which is the root cause for the current day turmoil in the society. This social imbalance is the root cause for increasing criminalism, anti-social and anti-national activities where these less fortunate children of the society are made scapegoats and victims because of want of opportunity to come up in life, If these children are shown light they too can lead a decent living and become good citizens.

These objectives can be achieved only if educated and elite people take the responsibility and lead the path for these abandoned children of the society.

With this objective in view, this Balagurukulam was started. Our mission and vision is to make people all over the world to participate in this noble cause and thus contribute to bring down the social imbalance in the society which ultimately bring in peace in the society.

Our mission is to take care of these children till they grow up and can stand on their own feet. We plan to up bring a minimum of 300 such less fortunate children during the life time. The founders main aim is to have 300 such type of pure orphans and bring them out with different talents, skills and mould their lifestyle in such a way that they could stand on their own feet. Out of these 300 children the first 100 children should become top ranks in IAS/IPS and other civil services fields and create a real India which was being dreamt by our National Leaders and fore fathers. The next 100 children should shine in various fields like agriculture, engineering, medical, lawyers, arts, science and software technologies and do service to all the villages and serve the society. The next 100 should be spread world wide and their main goal will be to spread world peace. They will also act as a bridge by spreading the cultural and traditional customs with all the world countries. Those children will do service to all the international countries globally. This seems to be the aim of the founder and will certainly get succeeded in the upcoming future.


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