Bharatanatyam On Wheel Chairs by Ability Unlimited

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The World Famous Dance Theatre for Persons with Disabilities “Ability Unlimited Foundation” Delhi, in association with National Institute of Personal Management, (NIPM) Bangalore, on occasion of its Golden Jubilee Celebrations announced the First of its Kind in the World and History of Indian Classical Dance “Bharatanatyam On Wheel Chairs” . Innovated and choreographed by Guru Syed Sallauddin Pasha, recipient of National and International awards for showcasing indomitable spirit of persons with disabilities across the globe along with Dr. Sathyanarayan, Chairman, NIPM Bangalore. This performance showcases the Dignity, equality, integrity and empowerment of the differently abled artistes. Encouraging such skill and creating opportunity is the need of the hour. For donor passes, please Contact: 9945510746, 9008600091, 9844121426, 9844184673

“It is a moment of pride and excitement for us. Performance of any kind is not an easy task even for the able bodied persons. With utmost devotion and relentless perseverance differently abled people on wheel chairs are performing Bharatanatyam, the most respected classical dance form.” stated Guru Syed Sallauddin Pasha, revered as the ‘Father of Indian Therapeutic Theatre for persons with disabilities’ at the conference. He further added, “The spinning speed of the wheel chairs moves faster than an accomplished ballet dancer’s spins. The wheels astound one and all with a moving speed of the wheel chairs which is 150-200 km/hr, making the viewer spellbound with its sheer brilliance and beauty. This proves they don’t need mercy, they need opportunity. I will fight till my death to make this country disabled people friendly” Guru Syed Pasha stated strongly in the press conference”.

He is also a record holder in the ‘Limca Book of World Records’ for creating 100 dance theatre productions and 10,000 performances by persons with disabilities across the globe.

“Performing Bharatanatyam on wheel chairs is a testimony to will power, years of hard work and innovative methodology. One can witness the indomitable spirit of these differently abled artistes.” remarked Dr. Sathyanarayan, Chairman, NIPM. “Given an opening, they can show to the world that they can be on the same platform as the non-disabled. NIPM is a professional body having its members belonging to the Social Work Profession thought it fit to celebrate the Golden jubilee function by inviting the performing artists with different abilities and Ability Unlimited is the pioneer in the field.”

The complete adavu (steps), jathi (combination of advus), thirmanams (sequence of pure rhythmic dance composed of adavu-jathis) are reinvented on wheels and these are performed with absolute precision. Wheel chairs have great advantage to perform many steps, to mention a few like rangakramana adavu (covering the stage), bhramari (spins), jaru adavu (sliding), with speed and precision.
About Ability Unlimited Foundation (AUF):
India’s first professional dance theatre for persons with disabilities. This registered public charitable voluntary organization is dedicated to the cause and care of people with disabilities. AUF utilizes art as a vehicle to broaden the perspective and resolve issues including facing people with disabilities.

About Innovator, Choreographer and Disabled Rights Activist :
Guru Syed Sallauddin Pasha is revered as the ‘Father of Indian Therapeutic Theatre for persons with disabilities”, is a recipient of the National Award from the President of India for outstanding performances in the category of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities. A world record holder who’s in the ‘Limca Book of World Records’ for creating 100 dance theatre productions and 10,000 performances by persons with disabilities across the globe.

About NIPM:

NIPM, the short form of the National Institute of Personnel Management, is the only all-India body of professional managers engaged in the profession of personnel management, industrial relations, labour welfare, training and HRD in the country. It came into existence in March 1980 as a result of merger of two professional institutions, namely the Indian Institute of Personnel Management (IIPM) established in 1948 in Kolkata and the National Institute of Labour Management (NILM) established in1950 in Mumbai.

NIPM Karnataka Chapter is celebrating the Golden Jubilee this year.
To commemorate the Golden Jubilee celebrations and to serve the needy, it is felt befitting to present word’s first Historic first “Celebrating Abilities” performed by the artists of Ability Unlimited Foundation to show case that direction, dedication and determination cannot deter the innate abilities, latent potential of human beings. Nothing prevents such persons to reach the summit.