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Religion and disability
Henri-Jacques StikerPaperback by

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Total Pages : 326 pages
Publisher: Hermann Publishers25 January 2017
Language: Franch & English
ISBN: 9782705693428

The perception we have of disability and the place that society as a whole must give to people with disabilities is a matter of much debate. But what do religions say, whether they are written or oral? The purpose of this book is to examine their relationship to the various forms of infirmity: what representations, what discourses are found in the founding texts, but also myths and different religious practices? From the lameness of Jacob to the stammering of Moses, from the madness of Saul to the problematic bodies of Muhammad or Buddha, through ancestral fears and the often related malaise, representations of infirmity with the treatments that ensue, Are understood only by the connection with the type of deities or spirits whose religions are endowed.

In turn, a sin, a prohibition, a sign of a curse, or sometimes, on the other hand, a symbol of an elevated cause, infirmity assumes different meanings depending on the complexity and specificity of each religion. If the relation to the disability of a particular religion is not generalizable to the society from which it emanates, the latter, on the other hand, is here an opportunity to examine, through an unprecedented bias, the great theories of religion.

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