Braille Displays : Seika Mini

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Seika Mini Braille Display
Braille Displays : Seika Mini

Braille Displays : Seika Mini

It is a 16 cell Braille display with note taking features. It’s features are given below

  • Light, compact and Portable
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery with up to 10 hours of battery life
  • Perfect for note taking and reading Braille data card from a SD card while on the go
  • Practical features such as integrated clock and calculator
  • Easy access with wireless bluetooth connectivity – allows you to operate the computer from and display information on Seika mini
  • Bluetooth USB adaptor included
  • Supports international screen reading software


Notepad: create, read and edit *.txt *.brl or *.brf files.
Reading: displays the files in the flash disk U-disk or Micro SD-card.
Clock: Set and display the system time.
Calculator: execute calculations using plus, minus, divided and multiplied.
Power Management: display battery level, Low battery alarm.
Screen Reader: working with the screen reader through USB or Bluetooth

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