Braille Printer : Tiger Elite

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Tiger Elite Braille Printer
Tiger Elite Braille Printer

Tiger Elite Braille Printer

It has a printing speed of 900 Pages Per hour and is a combined Print and Braille Embosser.

In a production setting where speed and performance are essential, the easy-to-use Tiger Elite Series produces high quality double-sided braille and unsurpassed tactile graphics. Fast and durable, these embossers deliver non-stop performance year after year,along with the best value of any embosser available in this price range.

Utilize the Tiger Software Suite* for braille translation, tactile graphics design and more. The Elite embossers are also compatible with Duxbury and other braille software providing seamless flexibility.


  • Speed: 900 A4 pages per hour.
  • Combined feature of print and braille available.
  • Paper: Tractor paper.
  • Graphics compatible: Drawings and charts can be printed from MS Word itself.
  • Braille is translated and embossed from MS Word in one touch and graphics are produced from any PC software including Illustrator & CorelDraw
  • Dot height adjustable between heavy, normal and light.
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