Build an Accessible Windows 8.1 App

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​Learn how to design and develop fully accessible Windows 8.1 apps. You’ll hear about the new Accessibility features built into Windows 8.1 and pick up some tips and tricks for making your controls accessible.


Windows-8 (copy).1Why build accessible Apps?

Reach more customers

1.2 billion disabled, 386 million are working age people,
34.7% of disabled individuals in the US alone are in the working-age e category

Comply with Government regulations
Communication Apps
Web Apps : Section 508

Top buil-in accessibility features
1. Make things on screen larger
2. Turning off animations
3. Formatted text reading support
key points to build accessible apps

  1. Let’s walkthrough the steps
  2. Accessible visual design – Support High contrast
  3. Keyboard Navigation
  4. Screen Reading
  5. Mark you App as being accessible on the Store
  6. Leverage common controls for buit-in platform support
  7. Testing tools – UI Accessibility Checker ( AccChecker ) – Inspect, AccEvent

Windows Dev Center
Accessibility Samples in the Windows SDK
XAML Accessibility Sample
XAML High Contrast Sample
ARIA Sample

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