Candy 4 HD Hand Held Magnifier

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Candy 4 HD Hand Held Magnifier

HD-Quality, Close-up and Near Distance Magnification with Image Capture Feature Choose to use CANDY 4 as either a handheld or stand magnifier.

CANDY’s crystal- clear, high-contrast HD image, intuitive user interface with easy-to-locate buttons, comfortable and balanced handle design, lightweight 7-ounce compact size makes it ideal for use at school, office or home. Featuring unique close-up or near-distance viewing, magnification from 2x to 18x and a long-lasting user-replaceable lithium battery, CANDY 4 is the most value-priced 4.3” LCD handheld video magnifier.

Candy 4 HD Hand Held Magnifier

Candy 4 HD Hand Held Magnifier

Features & Highlights

Crystal-clear, Color-rich HD-quality Image:

The new CANDY 4 features a 4.3” high-definition LCD, ensuring a clear, high-quality image. Realistic color imaging is important for many school, professional and personal uses.

Image Capture:

Save Up to 5 images. Easily find and review any saved image.

User-customizable Color Contrast Settings:

Easily customize 4 selectable color modes from a number of preset combinations. Users can also disable unused options to simplify menu choices to only those which they use most often.

Near-distance View:

Use Near-distance View to see or capture a shop sign, store prices, or items on a store shelf.

Auto Focus:

CANDY 4 will quickly auto-focus when the user changes from close-up to near-distance viewing.

Continuous Digital Zoom:

Continuous zoom allows you to quickly adjust your magnification level without the need for multiple button presses.

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