Career Opportunities And Guide In Disability Rehabilitation Science

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Career Opportunities And Guide In Disability Rehabilitation Science

Rehabilitation Science is a study of scientific measures for training, education and therapeutic management to persons with disabilities to restore their physical, mental, emotional, social and vocational usefulness as per their capabilities. Rehabilitation science is a discipline to design the quality and comprehensive rehabilitation programmes for the disabled persons to make them self sufficient, socially accepted and vocationally competent to prepare them to face the life with certitude and fortitude.

Rehabilitation is a multi-dimensional long drawn process, requiring intervention and provision of services at various levels, from the disabled individual to their families and community. It also encompasses several sectors, which help to work in a coordinated manner to provide services. Rehabilitation is a continuous process and it has synergetic effects when the concerned departments function is unison. Self-sufficiency, social adequacy and vocational competency are the main objectives of rehabilitation of persons with disabilities.

The rehabilitation professionals/personnel have a role to play in empowerment and full participation of the persons with disabilities. The persons affected with different types of disabilities need various rehabilitation measures such as aids and appliances for functional freedom and mobility, medical intervention, therapeutic exercises, education in special schools or inclusive settings, vocational training and employment etc. Convergence of these services through different facet of professionals would result in achieving the main objectives of rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities.For More Details……….

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