Center for Multiple Disability

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Center for Multiple Disability

multiple disability

Service to Humanity / Lodge Fellowship Early Intervention Centre for Multiple Disabled Children

After the grand success of Lodge Fellowship No. 140, Computerized Braille Language Laboratory at Ahmedabad, setting up a Center for Spinal Injuries at Bhuj in Gujarat after the devastating earthquake & The Lodge Fellowship Computerized Lab for The Hearing & Speech Impaired at Ahmedabad, it was the desire of the W.M. W.Bro. Ratan Vadvan & the brethren of Lodge Fellowship to undertake a new project, which would serve the Multiple Disabled Children. Along with The Blind People’s Association (BPA) which is one of the largest organizations working for all categories of disabilities all over India it was decided to set up this unique project which would be known as “Lodge Fellowship Early Development Centre for Multiple Disabled Children”. This new campus called the “SAMARPAN SANKOOL” has faculties specially designed for very young infants and toddlers with multiple disabilities.  These children will be assessed and helped to develop their abilities and grow as normally as possible through a multiple disciplinary team consisting of a Councilor, Special Educator, Physiotherapist, and Mobility Instructor etc. Objectives of The Center :

  1. To identify children at risk
  2. To identify children with congenital disabilities
  3. To provide early stimulation services to ensure age appropriate development
  4. To train parents to rear children with special needs
  5. To provide assistive devices to enhance the residual sensory abilities.
  6. To create an awareness among professions about rehabilitation services

Services: The project provides the following services.

  1. Early identification
  2. Clinical assessment
  3. Physiotherapy and occupational therapy
  4. Sensory stimulation
  5. Sensory integration
  6. Early communication development
  7. Alternative and Augmentative communication
  8. Self care skills
  9. Pre academic skills

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