Charming personality – Saurabh Pandey

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Name:Saurabh Pandey
City: Allahabd,UP
Educational Qualification: Graduate (NIFT 2010)
Marital Status: Single
Employment Status: Secretary,Armaan Foundation
Kind of Disability: Polio 90%

About Saurabh Pandey

Saurabh, a person who has loads and loads of self confidence,wants to achieve things to the fullest. He is creative and has the ability to see things in different perspectives than others. With a charming personality he can win over many. He is a person who is full of positive self regard for himself.

Favorite movie(s)
All romantic comedies of Hindi & English.

Favorite books
Chaten Bhagat novels, God of Small Things, The Secret, Premchand novels,White Tiger, Stay Hungry Stay Foolish.

Favorite food
Nothing better than ‘ghar ka khana'(home made food).

Your biggest wish
I want to won Filmfair trophy for script writing. .

Craziest thing that you have done in your life
I used to play cricket on my bed and to break all the paintings of wall.

Most Valuable thing that you have purchased till now
My Calipers.

Thing which you want to reverse in your life
My college days.

Your biggest strength
My positive attitude.

If you take birth again, who would you like to be born as
Saurabh Pandey.

The thing(s) that I hate

The first thing you do right after awaking up in the morning
Check my Face Book account.

The last thing you do before falling asleep at night
Give a missed call to Alpha Bhatt so that she may call me back and wish Good Night.

You prefer sons or daughters?

Oft repeated word/sentence by you
I have to do it.

If the world is going to be destroyed in 5 minutes, what would you do during this time
Saare close friends ko conference pe daal kar bolunga, HUM HAIN RAHI PYAR KE PHIR MILANGE CHALTE CHALTE.(I will put all my close friends on a conference call and will tell them that we shall meet again in this journey of life and death)

Your new year resolution
To work for the success of Armaan Foundation.

The best gift that somebody can offer you
When Aman gifted me the post of secretary of Armaan Foundation.

Your bedroom take fire what would you rescue at first
My cellphone.

The country/town you would like to visit
Las Vegas.

If you can meet one person of your choice, dead or alive, known or not, who would this be
Franklin Roosevelt.

If you could change one thing your past, what would it be
I want to change my asttititude towards my life in school days.

Please tell us about the adjustment process and difficulties faced by you due to you disability.How did you manage to rehabilitate yourself physically and mentally?
Frankly speaking I didn’t face any difficulty in adjustment because I don’t want to blame government or someone else, beacuse I think ki zindgi jo bhe hai jaise bhe hai apni hai, koi kaam kerna hai to kerna hi , kisi ko blame ker k nahi hoga, fir chahe khud ka bag carry kerna ho ya 4th floor tak seedhian chadhni ho collage me ya railway platform paar kerna ho, and I m happy ki maine kiya and kerta hu. bhale 10 mins k kaam ko do ghante me kiya.(I think we have to live life as it is.Whatever I have to do has to be done by me.I won’t blame anyone.I do all my work whether it is carrying a bag or climbing to 4th floor of college or railway station.I feel happy in doing so and feel good that I am able to manage things.It doesn’t matter if I take 30 mins for a 10 min job)

How do you manage your day to day activities? With somebody’s help or you are able to cope up with routine activities yourself?
Well I do my day today activities all by myself, I am living alone in Delhi since 2006. I wake up at 6, fir fresh hota hu n pooja kerk mails check kerta hu, after that ek halka sa breakfast leta hu n ek chooti se conference call k baad work me lag jaata hu, fir sham ko ek evening walk k liye jaata hu.( After freshening up, I do my prayers and then take a light breakfast.After I have to make a conference call and start doing my work.I go for evening walks after my working hours.)

How did you decide about your career advancement and how did you find your current job?
I hav chosen textiles because I don’t want to do 9-5 routine job, after completing NIFT I met Aman(founder of ARMAAN FOUNDATION), and then yaha kaam ker raha hun(I am working here), I am handling creative department as well as I am the Secretary too. At Armaan environment is very friendly and I love every bit of my work.

What is your idea of a perfect life?
For me its satisfaction, because if you are satisfied with all you are doing then life is perfect.

What improvements do you think still have to be made to make India a “Disabled Friendly Country?
No comments, because India ke waise he bohut bade problems hain, jo pahle solve kerne zayda zarori hain.(There are lots of other problems in India which need to be solved and dealt on priority basis).

How do you manage your coming and going to the place of your work?
I use public transport, like metro, or auto.

It happens with all of us that we feel depressed with our situation and coping up becomes difficult. Whenever you confront such situations how do you manage?
Maa ko call kar ke baat karta hun then koi acchhi se movie dekh leta hoon, after that I feel fine.(I call my mother and talk to her or watch a good movie).

What are your hobbies or leisure time activities?
I like watching movies, facebooking, listening songs.

How do you react when somebody pities you?
Ha ha ha this is my favorite question, I just give a good smile so that he or she feels ashamed.

What message you would like to give to the persons suffering from some kind disabilities?

Accept your disability as a gift of god and fight. You will succeed. Kyunki zindagi har haal me khoobsurat hai fir chahe apne pairon pe ho ya wheel chair pe, kadam kadam pe problems ko challenge kero, jis cheezz ke bare me log soche ki tum nahi ker paogee wohi keo, fir dekho zindgi kitni haseen hai.(Because I feel life is beautiful in its every form,whether it may be on one’s own feel or on a wheelchair.We need to accept the problems and challenges at very step.If people feel we can’t do certain things, we need to do those things and show it to the world.All this will make life all the more beautiful).
Have you ever been discriminated because of your disability?
I tell you one thing, a disabled is a disabled, no matter how much you have achieved, people’s vision is never broadened beyond your wheelchair/hearing aid/walking care/any other ability aid you are using. I hope you understand.