Conveyance Allowance For the differently abled persons

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In accordance with the revised Orders No.F.19029/2/86-E.IV & F. 19029/ 1/ 89-E.IV dated 16.5.87 & 12.9.89 respectively, issued by the Ministry of three_wheeler_23_05_06_04_54747_435Finance, Department of Expenditure, the Central Government employees who are on regular establishment (including work charged staff) and who are blind or orthopaedically handicapped (with disability of upper or lower extremities) are to be granted conveyance allowance at 5 percent of basic pay subject to a maximum of Rs. 100 p.m. subject to the following conditions:

Handicapped employees who have been provided with Government accommodation within a distance of one kilometer from the place of work or within a campus housing the places of work and residence, the allowance, shall be admissible at normal rates as applicable under these orders. The allowance shall not be admissible in case such employees have been provided with the facility of Government transport.

This allowance will not be admissible during absence from duly exceeding 30 days due to leave, training, tour etc., (Annexure-IV).

S. No.Pay Scale of EmployeeRate of Transport
(in Rs.)
Allowance per month

“A-1″/”A” Class CityOther Places

1.Employees drawing pay in the scale of Pay of Rs.8000-13500 or above800400
2.Employees drawing pay in the scale of Rs.6500-6900 or above but below the scale Of Rs.8000-13500400200
3.Employees drawing pay below the scale or Rs.6500-690010075

    • An orthopaedically handicapped employee will be eligible for conveyance allowance only if he/she has a minimum 40 percent permanent/partial disability of either upper or lower limbs or 50 percent permanent/partial disability of both upper and lower limbs together.
    • Conveyance allowance will be admissible to the orthopaedically handicapped employee on the recommendation of the head of Orthopaedic Department of a Government Civil Hospital.
    • In the case of a blind employee the allowance will be admissible on the ecommendation of the head of Opthalmological Department of a Government Civil Hospital.
    • Conveyance allowance is also applied to Central Government employees suffering from spinal deformity (generally known as hunch back disability) at the same rate as available to other Physically Handicapped persons.
    • The allowance will not be admissible during leave (except casual level), joining time or suspension.

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  1. I am not getting conveyance allowance of Rs.400/= as a P.H employee of School teacher of Govt.of W.B .Please take action as quick as possible.

  2. For granting transport allowance to orthopaedically handicapped persons, is it necessary that the person should be orthopaedically handicapped by birth.
    can it be granted to a person is already in service as a normal person and at later stage meets with accident to become handicapped.

  3. Sir, A physical handicapped employee can avail both HRA & Conveyance allowance in Haryana govt. service

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