Deaf Blindness – Facts, Myths and Truth

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Helen Keller communicate with mother

Helen Keller communicate with mother

Facts about Deafblindness

  • Deafblindness is a low incidence disability.
  • A survey of Sense International (India) shows around 5,00,000 persons with deafblindness exist in India.
  • A very low percentage of persons with deafblindness are receiving direct services and adequate number of specially trained personnel for persons with DB are not available.
  • Every special school for the hearing impaired and visually impaired are likely to have persons who come in the category of deafblindness

Myths about Deafblindness

  • Persons with deafblindness have cognitive disabilities.
  • Persons with deafblindness will/can never communicate.
  • Persons with deafblindness will always be dependent on others throughout their lives.
  • They can NEVER be INCLUDED !
  • They all have severe BEHAVIOUR PROBLEMS.

Truth about Persons with Deafblindness

  • No single profile of a student with deafblindness.
  • Can participate in almost any activity.
  • Can communicate in a variety of ways.
  • Many can get around their community independently with proper orientation and mobility training.
  • Need a highly structured educational or rehabilitation programme to compensate for his/her sensory impairments.
  • Though deprived of the information necessary to anticipate future events, special techniques can be used to develop anticipation.