Dealership/agencies of oil companies

Facility availableDealership/agencies of oil companies

Ministry of Petroleum and Natural gas reserved 7.5% of all types of dealership agencies of the public sector oil companies for physically handicapped/government personnel (other than defence personnel) disabled on duty/widows of government personnel (other than defence personnel) who die in the course of duty.

Eligibility criteria

The person should be an Indian national, between the age of 21 and 30 years. S/he should be a matriculate or equivalent. Physically disabled persons should produce a certificate from a Civil Surgeon/C.M.O. or Superintendent of a government hospital that she/he is orthopaedically disabled to the extend of minimum 40% permanent partial of either upper or lower limb or both upper and lower limbs together.

Partially hearing handicapped candidates are also eligible. Totally blind persons are eligible to apply for retail outlet/ kerosene/L.D.O. dealership. They are, however, not eligible for L.P.G. distributorship.

The candidate’s income should not be more that Rupees 50,000 per annum. Income for this purpose would include the income of the candidate, her/his spouse, dependent children put together. In case of dependents, her/his parents’ income would also be taken into consideration.


Standard formats can be obtained from divisional/regional area office of the concerned oil companies. The oil industry appoints its dealers/distributors through an advertisement in one English daily with one regional daily with maximum circulation in the district in which the dealership distributorship is to be located.


The divisional/regional area office of the concerned oil company.