Disability Identify Card Scheme : Gujarat

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Scheme of giving Handicapped Identify Card to handicappedDisability Identify Card Scheme for disability (Blind, Short-sighted, Deaf, Bone-related deficiency, Psychological deficiency, Psychological illness) persons :-

(1) Eligibility for availing Handicapped Identity Card.

  • The handicapped persons must be of above 40% disabilities.
  • Deaf persons,
  • Blind persons
  • Mentally retarded persons whose brilliancy rate is 70 or below.
  • Permanent resident of Gujarat State,
  • The benefit of this scheme is to give Identity Cards to the handicapped persons.

(2) The benefits available on Handicapped Identity Card :

  • For availing the benefits of Government Schemes.

(3) Documents to be attached with the Application Form for availing the Handicapped Identity Cards :

  • Certificate showing the percentage from Specialist Doctor of relevant Department.
  • 2 stamp size recent photos,
  • Xerox copy of Ration Card,
  • Proof of permanent resident of Gujarat State,
  • Certificate of Blood Group,
  • Application Forms are available free of cost from the District Social Security Department.
  • Certificate of Income,
  • Application Forms should be submitted to the District Social Security Department, which office will check the documents and do the procedure to give Identity Cards.