Disability is how we take it

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Differently abled persons inspireDisbility occurs by birth or sudden for anyone,but the only thing is “how we take it”. Acceptance is first ,being differently abled one must not carried of this societie’s poor behaviours,instead we must act on what must be done next for the betterment of life.As in this video a man suffering from disablility seen to be begging in a traffic signal.Ofcourse people will feel sympathetic and offer him money.But the real motive of us is not to use  it for sympathy or using it as this person do.But atlast the auto driver himself is an differently abled person,and he did not encourage that person begging but he depend on himself and make use of his ABILITY.

So disability for sure is how we take it,if that auto driver took this as disability and he might also seen begging in a traffic signal,and he need to depend on others always .Whereas other person lost his courage and lost faith in himself,finally resulted in streets.As the name indicates,diability does not mean they are disabled,it refers they are same as others but just they are differently abled .All what we need to do is,get inspired from people like this auto driver and working on our own.

With this disability everyone do lose passion and interest in what they do,which will result in a sad ending throughout.As the main aspect of our site ENABLED. IN,here are lot of examples with people who are successful in their life inspite of the disability .Still person like him are on the traffic signal who underestimates themselves and continue begging without knowing their true strength must see these people for inspiration and do set an example for others and prove that except this disability they are not different from others and must make us of their ABILITY.

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