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BRAILLE MITRA is the Refreshable Braille Display for visually handicapped and sightless people for reading in Indian Languages Braille.The Braille supported is the six-dot Braille script for English and all 11 Indian Languages.
BRAILLE MITRA is ideally suited for a Braille Library environment in which an entire book in an Indian Language can be stored in the display and can be read page by page and line by line. The display has user friendly navigation controls which enable the reader to read the multi page Braille document or book in a very easy and convenient manner, with unparalleled speed.
The display has a USB host interface in which a Pen-drive of 1 GB capacity can be plugged-in to the display, and the required book in Braille (on the Pen-drive) can be loaded in the flash ram of BRAILLE-MITRA for reading on the display. A 1 GB Pen-drive can hold average sized 1000 Braille books. The internal flash memory of the display can hold about 2 to 3 books, on a Windows compatible filing system.he display can also be connected to an IBM personal computer as a client, by a USB interface for downloading the Braille converted books from the personal computers.
The Display has six dot characters which are very comfortable and uniform to the feel for extensive reading by the hands of the users. Easy navigation commands make the reading experience a pleasurable one. Fast updating of the Braille lines allows users to read from BRAILLE MITRA at speeds of 50 to 60 words per minute or more.

The Display can be made available in English and all Indian Languages. Currently available languages are English, Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil. Other languages namely Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Assamese, Oriya and Punjabi will become available in near future.
BRAILLE-MITRA is available in two sizes – 16 Braille chracters line and 32 Braille characters line. Bothe types of unit are designed such that whole words without breaks ( in almost all cases ) appear on the lines, making the Braille reading a fast and pleasureable experience.

  • Interface : USB client  for IBM-PC Or USB host interface for Pen-Drive
  • Flash memory storage : 2 MB (can store 2 or 3  Braille books of total upto 1000 Braille pages)
  • Includes: Display, Power supply, power cable, User Manual printed in Braille
  • Operating Commands
  1. Next Line
  2. Previous Line
  3. Next Page
  4. Previous Page
  5. Beginning of book
  6. Goto Page
  7. Set bookmark
  8. Goto bookmark
  9. Load book from Pen-drive


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