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“Dyspraxia is an impairment or immaturity of the organization of movement. Associated with this there may be problems of language, perception and thought.” ( Dyspraxia Foundation , UK )

‘Developmental Dyspraxia’ or ‘Developmental Co-ordination Disorder’ is used to describe youngsters who have co-ordination difficulties and who also show significant perceptual problems.

Children with Dyspraxia may be able children with bright enquiring minds. However, listening to instructions and remembering them is very difficult, so children with dyspraxia may require a high level of verbal feedback to help with retaining the information. Dyspraxia can also affect language and speech development, as manipulation of the mouth requires fine motor coordination. As a child develops, language becomes increasingly more complex and the rapid sequencing of the tongue and jaw must also be coordinated with breathing. Dyspraxia compromises language skills, which in turn impacts on academic, social and emotional development. This often, but not always, occurs alongside general motor difficulties.For More Details….