Eksang gives vocational training to differently abled children

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These special children have special needs. There are only a few schools that understand their needs and cater to them competently. The district administration and some good Samaritans realized it only a few years back that these children need to be given vocational training to make them self-reliant.That is how eksang-a non government organisation (NGO) came into being with the support from district administration a year back for providing vocational training to kids with intellectual limitations.

Eksang, a non govenment organisation gives vocational training to differently abled children

Eksang, a non govenment organisation gives vocational training to differently abled children

Now there are 19 children all above 16yrs with different abilities getting vocational training in eksang-the vocational school for special children in sector-14, Faridabad. These children make office files, paper bags, diyas, diwali decorative items, ladies cosmetics, rakhi, hand towels, souveniers as well as also do pot desiging and napkin printing.

“While Bharat Vikas Parishad, Faridabad Branch always wanted to do something for these special children, it was the then Deputy Commissioner, Faridabad Dr.Rakesh Gupta who made ​​it possible by agreeing to provide land in Sector-14 a couple of years back for the project. It is a joint venture of District Red Cross Society and Bharat Vikas Parishad, Faridabad branch “said Raj Kumar Aggarwal, chairman eksang. Eksang is an offshoot of Bharat Vikas Parishad, a nationwide NGO working for upliftment of society.

Echoing similar views, Rohit Dhingra Director of eksang said practically no other NGO or school in the district accomodate children above 18yrs and provide vocational training. So apart from the first 18yrs of their life the remaining part goes in absence of any formal education or training. “One of our students Sushil (known by single name) is 33yrs. You can well imagine how worried must be the parents of these children. If their children acquired some skills, they would feel much relieved. “He said.

Echoing similar views eksang principal, Renu Aggarwal said the idea was to assist special children in producing marketable products through the vocational skills they have acquried. “The kids make products such as bags, decoration items, cards, souveniers etc. Are put up for sale at various fetes and markets. Their mental condition is a limitation for them to be able to independentally produce things. It is our key focus that we train our students in making marketable products. The finished products are kept ready in our stock as we search for individuals and organisations to place orders. “She said.

Eksang is not only a center for providing vocational training to these mentally challenged children but also runs a child guidance clinic which consist of a psychatrist, psychologist and a non-invasive therapist providing a comprehensive assessment and guidance. “They address the needs of the kids undergoing special education, special teachers, vocational trainers and parents of special children. The child guidance clinic has two sections-one for parent counselling wherin regular workshop for their education by professionals is done. We meet them monthly. Apart from discussing about child’s growth we discuss as to how best parents can improve their outlook and provide a better environment “said Rohit Dhingra.

The other section is where a psychatrist and psychologist visit them for guidance. “Accupressure and yoga professionals visit our center daily for their treatment. Dance classess are held thrice a week and music and games such as cricket, basketball, carom and puzzels are part of the curriculum “said Raj Kumar Aggarwal. Rohit Dhingra said eksang eksang has associated with other NGOs working on simillar issues for capacity building workshop for staff members. “We also liase with them and offer free consultation by expert” said Dhingra.

Contact eksang vocational school for special children at 9560356246, 9871030009

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