Embraille Braille Printers

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Embraille Braille Printers

The affordable embossing solution! Perfect for home or office use, this reliable,compact embosser produces Braille at 25 cps. Switch between single-sheet or tractor-feed paper to meet your printing needs.

ViewPlus : Embraille Braille Printers

ViewPlus : Embraille Braille Printers

Lightweight and compact, takes up little desk space New polymer platen creates a smooth, rounded dot for improved readability Lowest priced embosser on the market, yet it’s still a powerful, reliable ViewPlus TIGER®

The main features of the embosser are:

Speed: It has a speed of 110 A4 pages per hour.
Paper: It can use cut sheet paper like A4 and tractor fed paper both.
Software: No need of extra braille translation software as it comes with it’s own software known as TSS (Tiger Software Suite) which supports English and Hindi
Weight: It is quite small and weighs only 5 kgs.
Adjustable Dot Height: Dot height can be varied from heavy, normal and light.
Graphics: It is graphics compatible. Drawings and charts can also be printed.

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