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Tiger Premium Braille Printer
Emprint Colour Ink and Braille Embosser

Emprint Colour Ink and Braille Embosser

The EmprintSpot Dot is the world’s first colour ink and Braille embosser printer.

Built on a HP inkjet printer base, the Emprint provides 300 dpi resolution at printing speeds up to 50 cps. This desktop model, with a small footprint, is quiet enough to operate without a sound enclosure.

A visually impaired user can easily set up and configure their Emprint embosser, and the included Tiger Software Suite allows one-button Word and Excel text translation from the familiar Word drop-down menus.

Embossing graphics, including clip art, is as easy as importing them into Word and sending them to the printer. Eight variable dot heights and three Braille embossing choices provide the best tactile graphics
available in any desktop printer.

The Emprintuses standard HP printer cartridges available from any once supply store, and prints on a variety of media including copy paper, envelopes and card stock.

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