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Freedom Trust stands for Foundation for the Rehabilitation, Education and Empowerment of the Disabled of Madras. The mission of Freedom Trust is to Freedom Trust - chennailimit the disability of economically backward people with a desire to improve their quality of life, and make them independent.

Rehabilitation and provision of locomotor aids can make a huge difference on a disabled persons future; a handicapped human being can be empowered to lead a good and dignified life in which he can contribute to society in his own abled way. Our mission is to make this happen.

Objectives of the Trust

1. To conduct medical camps using qualified Doctors, headed by Dr. Sunder and paramedical staff for the rehabilitation of the handicapped.

2. To provide wheel chairs, tricycles, tripods, calipers, crutches and other locomotor aids for children.

3. To take measurements for and provide calipers, artificial limbs, splints, collars and braces free of cost to the economically backward.

4. To extend training & scholarship to exceptionally talented disabled children in the fields of arts, music & dance.

5. To run an inpatient rehabilitation center for the economically backward sections.

6. To train physiotherapists, orthotists, occupational therapists and special educators.

7. To start a special school for children with learning disability with qualified special educators.

8. To set up research and development of technology in rehabilitation.


Over 50 medical camps with qualified doctors have been conducted by the Freedom Trust, some in collaboration with other organizations, such as the Lions Club, ICDS and Amar Seva Sangam. So far, till April 2006, there have been nearly 900 beneficiaries, who have received Calipers, Artificial Limbs and Mobility aids like Tricycles, Wheelchairs and Crutches.

The camps have focused on:

1. Assessment of the handicapped

2. Prescription of appliances

3. Fitting and delivery of appliances

4. Follow up

Shishu Punarjanmam – Nurturing talent.

Some differently-abled children have amazing aptitude for drawing, music, painting, dancing, mimicry or sports. Unfortunately these facets are by and large unnoticed since they are enrolled in conventional courses, which may not earn them a livelihood. We search for these talents and support them by giving a monthly stipend and intense training in their respective talents with a view that these children make a career out of their talents.

Appliance Bank

An appliance bank is a first of its kind concept, wherein unused appliances are tapped from the public and given to those who are in need. This is very similar in concept to the book bank or eye bank.

What do you do with your old books? Do you throw them in the rubbish bin? Do you give it to the neighbouring paper shop? No, you give it to a book bank, so that some child who cannot afford to buy them can get them free.

What do you do with your old clothes? You donate them to a poor beggar who is clothed in rags. Similarly, when you have an appliance like a caliper, a walker, tricycle that you have used and have no use for, or if you have had a relative who has used any of these, you can donate these to FREEDOM TRUST. We will repair them, maintain them and distribute them to the needy free of cost.

Inpatient Center

A large number of patients of all ages are regularly admitted into hospitals and nursing homes with orthopedic and neurological disorders such as stroke, fracture of hip, paraplegia and the like. Such hospitalization and treatment focuses on saving the life of the patient and limiting the disability, after which the patient is discharged from acute care service. The next phase of treatment, namely, rehabilitation of the patient has to follow through in order to improve the quality of life of the patient. To maintain such a patient in a hospital during this phase is not only expensive but also does not gainfully utilize hospital infrastructure. It is also potentially dangerous to the patient’s health due to cross infections.

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Freedom Trust relies on the support of philanthropic organizations to carry through its work. While the costs of fulfilling the mission are considerable, we would welcome contributions to these costs. All donations are exempted under section 80G of the IT Act.

Yes, I would like to help making a handicapped person walk, I would like to see a disabled person make his own living and lead an independent life.

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“Freedom Trust”.

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Chennaiites may just call up +91 44 42018118, and we shall arrange to pick your valued contribution at your door steps.


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