Guidelines : Skill & Entrepreneurial Development Scheme

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Proposal for Training

National Handicapped Finance and Development Corporation (NHFDC)Proposal for imparting training to persons with disabilities under “Financial assistance for Skill & Entrepreneurial Development” Scheme may be made by:

  • Reputed National / State level training institute.
  • The State Channelising Agencies implementing NHFDC schemes for the benefit of persons with disabilities.
  • Banks implementing NHFDC schemes for the benefit of persons with disabilities.

Identifying the Trade/Training Institute

Trade in which training is to be imparted needs to be carefully identified. The trade is to be identified in consultation with training institute. The identified trade should have potential for employment / self employment for persons with disabilities.
An awareness and motivation programme may be conducted in the locality where the training is to be organized in order to draw adequate number of persons with Disability.

Proposal for conducting training

Proposal for conducting the training may be furnished with NHFDC in the prescribed form(download form) – A & B duly filled in.

Sanction of proposal

Information is to be furnished to NHFDC in the prescribed proforma enclosed herewith. NHFDC would consider the same and intimate regarding the sanction/rejection of the proposal. The training programme should start only after formal sanction of NHFDC is conveyed.

The training programme should commence only after obtaining formal sanction from NHFDC. The programme should commence within 3 (three) months from the date of issue of sanction letter. In the event of non-commencement of training within the aforesaid period, the sanction shall expire and in such a case, renewal thereof from NHFDC would be essential before commencing the training.

Release of financial assistance

  1. 50% of Financial Assistance sanctioned shall be released as advance by NHFDC to the proposer on receipt of the following documents (certified /signed by the proposer):
    • List of trainees (As per Annexure-C download form)
    • Minutes/proceedings of Selection committee (for selection of trainees)
    • Copy of the Advertisement (certified under the signature of CEO / Head /Course Co-ordinator of the Training Institute/M.D.of the SCA )
    • Acceptance of terms & conditions of sanction
  2. The balance amount of 50% of the sanctioned amount shall be released after completion of training and subject to furnishing of the following:
    • Copy of Attendance Records
    • Copy of certificates issued on successful completion of training
    • Details of expenditure incurred on the training programme (head wise) duly certified by Chartered Accountant in Practice and counter-signed by CEO/Head/ Course co-coordinator of the Training institute/Proposer.
    • Receipt of money receipts against stipend amount paid to trainees. [Please furnish the certified copies (certified by the CEO/Head/ Course co-coordinator of the Training institute/Proposer) of receipts against stipend paid.


Representative of NHFDC shall have the right to inspect, be present during the training.


  1. In case of the no. of trainees attending the training is lesser than the no. of trainees for which sanction has been accorded, then the amount proportionate in respect of such lesser number (Sanctioned number less no. of trainees attending), should be refunded to NHFDC within 15 days from the date of commencement of training.
  2. NHFDC reserves the right to withhold the release of the balance amount and wherever deemed appropriate demand refund of the first installment advanced, if the proposer has been found to have misled by submitting incorrect information or deliberately suppressing relevant information.

Download : Application and Instruction

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