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(An Institution serving persons with mental retardation)

Assessment Center1

Bala Vihar started operation in the year 1953. Since then we have grown in size and 254 children and adults in Residential.Currently we have Day Care at our facilities in Kilpauk,Chennai-10 and Veppampattu,Thiruvallur District.It is only Government accredited home in south India,which receives deserted children with Mental Retardation. We focus on the application of a unique methodology comprising various therapies such as,but not limited to, Physiotherapy,Occupational Therapy,Speech Therapy Behaviour Modification/ Therapy, Yaga,Play Therapy,Music Therapy and training in vocational skils for the development of the children with special needs. The therapies improve and enhance the creativity.Academaticand social skils, physical and mental alertness and accelerate the overall development of the personality.

Activities and facilities of Bala Vihar consist of:

Residential Care

Bala Vihar Residential Home provides residential care to the destitute and deserted children with Mental Residation. The Home provides shelter,food,clothing,health care and teach the residents simple skills for day to day activities.

Special School & Day Care Centre


Bala Vihar Special School trains the special in skills such as self – help,communication, social interaction , functional academics, domestic chores,recreation, leisure time activities,community orientation and vocational skills.A Day care Center was started in the year 2000 with the objective of providing an appropriate environment for the rehabilitation of Mentally Challenged children in the neighborhood as well as the other part of the city. Bala Vihar provides food,uniforms,transport facilities (pick up and drop) and health care for the children in the Day Care Centre.


Provides sysematic and scientific diagnostic service to persons with mental retardation. At Diagnostic Centre ,the developmental and training is given to help individuals to achieve their maximum level of performance.


Provides training for the children with mental retardation of the earliest stage,The unit was started in early 2002 for children up to the age of 6 years .Early intervention unit provides training in sensory stimulation, gross motor and fine motor development skills, self-help skills, socialization skills, communication skills, play or art skills. If also provide an individualized development training pro gramme for the Children. A multi – disciplinary team of experts consisting of special educators,Speech therapist, Physiotherapist, Psychologists and occupational therapist facilitate these programs.


All our programs entail operating expenditures and capital outlay. Currently public donation, in cash ans kind, are our mainstay. However our needs are enraging and funds are becoming limiting factor. You can help us in the following way:

  • Being a volunteer and a well wisher.
  • Donations in cash and kind towards food, clothing, medication, play and learning materia
  • Donations of Meals:

Breakfast  –    Rs. 750/-

Lunch/Dinner   –   Rs. 1300/-

Evening Tea     –    Rs. 650/-

All the meals for a day   –   Rs. 4000/-

Breakfast for a month – Rs. 20,000/-

Lunch/Dinner for a month – Rs. 35,000/-

  • Creating Endowment funds for specific purpose.
  • Sponsor a Child

PER CHILD          (for a month)                (for a year)

Food         –         Rs750/-                     Rs 7,500/-

Medicine  –          Rs500/-                    Rs 5,000/-

Training   –           Rs250/-                    Rs 2,500/-

For futher details Contact:
10,Halls Road,Kilpauk,chennai-600 010.
Tel: 044-26447933.