Gyan Prabha Scheme

A Scholarship Scheme for Persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation & Multiple Disabilities.


To encourage people with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and Multiple Disabilities for pursuing post schooling any vocational training / professional courses for enhancement of their skills.


Persons with disability in general and persons with aforesaid disabilities in particular, face several barriers – physical, financial, psychological, mental barriers- in pursuing studies and living life with dignity. At times, persons with disabilities are deprived of harnessing their latent skills and thereby lose the opportunity to earn their livelihood in the mainstream society. It is in this context that the Scheme envisages to encourage persons with such disabilities by providing scholarship to pursue post schooling any vocational/ professional courses for skill enhancement and thereby enabling them to live life with dignity.


  1. Persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and Multiple Disabilities are eligible for the scholarship
  2. For pursuing post schooling any professional course or vocational training and other creative activities from recognized institutions for self employment / employment.
  3. Any person who may not have attended any school level qualification is also eligible under the scheme.
  4. Scholarship will be awarded for pursuing only one course.
  5. Continuation/Renewal on regular basis but the attendance register certified by the Head of the organization/ institution is necessary in order to know regularity of scholarship holder.


Scholarship amount shall be up to Rs. 1000/- pm per person for 1000 persons every year.


  1. Applications, in prescribed format only, can be submitted throughout the year on first come first serve basis.
  2. Applications must be countersigned and recommended by the head of the institution in which the applicant is enrolled.
  3. All applications will be received and scrutinized by SNACs on behalf of the National Trust. In States/ UTs not having SNAC, the National Trust may authorize any agency to receive and scrutinize applications on its behalf or may even receive applications directly. All applications shall be forwarded, with suitable recommendations, by the first week of the following months to the National Trust for approval.
  4. On approval, 90% of the scholarship will be disbursed every month, through SNAC/ authorized agency, either directly to the account of the applicant or through post dated cheques.
  5. Balance payment of scholarship shall be made only on successful completion of the course.

List of Enclosures

  1. Academic records (attested copy of certificates and Marksheet – Matric & above).
  2. Proof of annual income, e.g. Salary Slip, Last Income tax assessment order
  3. Attested copy of Disability Certificate
  4. Course fee receipt (if any) with break up of each item duly paid during the academic session.
  5. Course Completion certificate (at the end of the course)
  6. For renewal, copy of attendance register certified by the Head of the Organization/Institution.

Application Format

1. Name ________________________________________

(As in Matriculation certificate / school records)

2. Address ______________________________________


__________State__________Pin____________Tel no. (of any)


3. Date of Birth_________________________________

4. Sex (Please specify M-Male, F-Female) : __________

5. (i) Type of disability (Please specify) ________________(Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation or Multiple Disabilities)

6. Percentage of disability (Pl. enclose an attested copy of disability certificate)

7. Educational Qualifications :

Examination PassedName of the InstitutionName of the Board/UniversityMajor SubjectAggregate marks obtained & % thereofClass / Division
Class VIII
Matric / Secondary
Sr. Secondary/ Intermediate

In case of grades, please mention equivalent & % of marks and also enclose authenticated conversion formula

8. Family Income per annum (In Rs.) __________________(please enclose Income Certificate)

9. (i) Course applied for (Complete name) _______________________ (ii) Academic Session ________________________(iii) Duration __________________________(iv) Date of Admission __________________

10. Name and address of the Institution where course will be under taken   _____________________________________________________________________________

11. Whether hosteller or a day scholar please specify ________________

12. If hosteller, please specify whether provided by the institution or own arrangement and address of the hostel : ___________________________________________________________________________________ (please enclose proof)

13. Details of Scholarship / Stipend / Financial assistance being received for the same course (if any)

14. Any other information applicant wishes to provide

15. Undertaking

I hereby declare that information provided above is true to the best of my knowledge and I am aware that providing wrong information will make me liable to legal action and recovery of scholarship amount at the sole discretion of the National Trust.

Name & Signature of the Applicant