Happy School Chennai

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The Happy School caters to children with limited abilities and who suffer from minimal brain dysfunction. We are exploring the therapeutic aspects of Music, Dance, Yoga, Vedic Chanting, Painting, Drama and Cooking in the rehabilitation of these children to bring out their inherent abilities. So far we have had only encouraging and positive results.

The Happy School has been functioning since June 1995 and The Svavalambana Trust, which runs the Happy School, was registered in 1997. Since 1992, the work has been done on an individual level as a remedial centre. The need for a proper school was felt due to the parent’s inability to find proper full time centres for their children. The children for whom we care come from all walks of life.

The richer parents cross subsidise the financially less fortunate ones. Our vision is to create various centres in different parts of the city, to enable the youngsters to have secure place to learn and later on, to earn. Each such localisation would ensure that the quality of care maintained, through personal attention.


1. Art and culture

2. Child welfare

3. Disadvantaged communities

4. Education

5. Health

Contact Address:

4A Sarada Apartments
7 Sringeri Mutt Road, Raja Annamalai Puram
Chennai – 600 028
Tamil Nadu, IN

Phone :+ 91 44 4953769

e-mail : svavalambana@vsnl.net