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[Holy Cross Service Society] Holy Cross Service Society  focuses on  meeting the needs of  disabled=Holy Cross Service Society  focuses on  meeting the needs of  disabled in  Central Tamil Nadu . Established in 1987, the organization assist  disabled of all categories through  prevention, cure, education, vocational  training  and rehabilitation. More than 2500 disabled in 60 Rural locations and  in Trichirapalli receive  services every year.

Services To Deafblind

Identification, assessment, Applainces fitment, remedial Training to the individual deafblind client.

Community based services with family support to meet the special need of deafblind population in rural location.

The Regional Learning Centre for deafblind in South India.

Day care service facilities, Residential support facility for deafblind children.

Transitional programme for disability.

Training of NGOS and promotion of services to deafblind in South India.

Books, Materials and Posters production on issues of deafblind.

Network of parents of deafblind.

Network of deafblind persons.

Network of special educators of deafblind.

Sensitization, Awareness, Rights issues, Networking and Stake Holders meets on issues of deafblind.

Early intervention

Identification of speech and language delayed children for early intervention.

Children with delayed development need immediate assistance as brain is flexible and can be used effectively.

Early intervention for speech and language delayed children is focused .

Multidisciplinary team ensures individual based support to every child.

Early intervention for autistic children, cognitively delayed children, hearing impaired children, Visually impaired children, multi-handicapped children and developmentally delayed children are available.

Training for mothers and inclusion of family is ensured.

Appliances, medical rehabilitation, therapy are part of the training package.

Community Based Rehabilitation Services:

Well designed and structured community based rehabilitation services through trained CBR workers in 60 rural locations in central TamilNadu (India).

Diploma courses in community based rehabilitations and short term courses to meet the personnel needs of CBR services.

Consultant services to over 80 NGOs in CBR work.

Pioneering services in deafblindness through CBR methods

Community institution based intervention services in rural location of Trichy district.

CBR services for mental retardation, autism, multi-handicapped and learning disabled population.

School screening, Medical camp, Right issues, Community awareness, Sensitization and Sign language services.

Assistance to disabled and vulnerable groups in 3 blocks in Namakkal district.

Services To Autistic Children:

Early intervention for children below 6 years.

Individual based intervention plan to meet the special needs of Autistic children.

Ongoing training to Autistic children.

Assessment facility in PDD/Autism.

Inclusive education with special need support for high functioning Autistic children.

Screening tool to identify Autistic children.

Training to parents.

Behavior modification support.

Therapeutical Support for needy children.

Books And Materials:

On deafblindness.

Parent guidance book , Tamil literature book, large print book in Tamil Literary Stories.

Braille book and Large print book.

Posters on deafblindness.Book on hearing aid (Tamil , Malayalam , Telugu ,Kannada)

Books on learing disability , Speech and Language Devlopment , Autusm, Hearing Impaired and TLM for deafblind children.

Contact :

NO.3 Ettupattai Compound,
Puthur,Trichy-620 017.

PHONE NO : 091-431-2771544



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