Honing the skills of the differently-abled

| | posted on:Success Stories

Karan Thakur, founder of Revive Enterprise, Mumbai says, “At Revive, we hire only visually-impaired people to work as our front line as well as back line staff. When I wanted to start off with this business idea, I can’t name a single person who supported the idea or didn’t scoff over it. However, I was adamant to prove them all wrong and went ahead with my plans. Even if these people are vision-impaired, they have immense potential and with the right kind of training, they can be absorbed into the mainstream professional world instead of pushing them to sidelines and treating them as ‘disabled’ people with no sense of the real world.” Revive is like a recruitment service for the visually impaired, kind of like a one stop for openings in big organisations, wherein their candidates can be recruited.

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