Horizon – electric trike for persons with disabilities

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Be they wooden bikes, electric-assist shared bikes or poop-powered bikes, we’ve covered a multitude of human-powered vehicles that ultimately get people moving. But we’ve not yet seen an electric, all-terrain bicycle for differently abled folks, and American electric bike company Outrider USA is now Kickstarting the Horizon, an “adapted-use, pedal-electric, all-terrain trike” that can be operated by people with full limb function, or those with limited abilities like paraplegics and quadriplegics.

Designed by Outrider USA co-founders Jesse Lee, Tom Ausherman, and Daniel Rhyne and quadriplegic adventurer Christopher J. Wenner Ph.D., the Horizon can be operated with full function of arms and legs; or by those with left or right hand/arm only; or with upper body function but limited leg function; with upper body function but no leg function; with limited function in both your arms and legs; or any combination of these.


Some vital design points for increased accessibility include an actuated, rising seat; fold down handlebars for side entry; and the use of three wheels and a low gravity center to improve overall balance.



The Horizon has an excellent range of suspension, meaning that it can go both on city pavement and more adventurous terrains. Its lithium battery is capable of propelling the rider to speeds up to 25 miles per hour, at distances of up to 30 miles as electric-only before needing a recharge. It can also be ridden pedal-only, electric-only or as a combination of electric-assisted pedalling.

It’s a great design that would give more freedom of mobility to people who don’t have full function of their limbs, but who would want to experience the great outdoors like anyone else. Outrider has already built and tested two prototypes; the Kickstarter campaign is hoping to raise funds for the Horizon’s first production run, which will be tested by beta testers at adaptive sports centers and rehab facilities.