Hotel Accessibility Manual – Accessible Parking

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Parking and Approach to Building

There must be minimally one designated accessible parking space in every 25 parking spaces provided


  • The accessible parking bay should be located closest to the entrance, with an accessible route, that is level or gently sloping and minimally 1200mm persons with disabilities Parking and approach to building.jpgwide, leading to the building entrance.
  • The route to the entrance from the parking must not require the user to cross any vehicular monument.
  • The parking and the route connecting it to the entrance should preferably be covered.
  • In case of underground parking, accessible parking bays should be located closest to the elevator leading to the lobby level.

Parking Space

  • persons with disabilities Parking and approach to buildingsAccessible parking bay should be 4800mm wide, out of which at least 1200mm, on both the sides, is used as transfer bays. Where there are two accessible parking bays adjoining each other, then the 1200mm transfer bay, on one side, may be shared by the two parking bays in between them.
  • Length of the accessible parking bay should preferrably be 6000mm, including a 1200mm wide transfer zone at the rear to allow loading of the wheelchair. The transfer zones, both on the sides and the rear should have yellow or white cross-hatch road markings.


  • persons with disabilities signageThere should be the international symbol of accessibility painted on the 2400mm wide area where the car is to be parked. The symbol should be large enough to be easily visible by person looking for the accessible parking. Recommended size being 1000mm x 1000mm but not larger than 1500mm x 1500mm. The sign painted on the floor should contrast with the floor colour (preferred colours, white and blue)
  • There should also be a signboard with the international symbol of accessibility at the height of 1200mm from the floor right at the end of the parking.
  • The Symbol of Access should be displayed at approaches and entrances to car parks, to indicate the provision of an accessible parking lot, for people with disabilities within the vicinity.
  • Directional signs should be displayed at points where there is a change of direction to direct people with disabilities to the accessible parking lot.

Approach to the Building

  • The approach to the building entrance should be clearly defined.
  • The surfaces should be firm and even, with a finish which is slip resistant in all weather conditions.
  • The width of paths should be appropriate to meet the needs of all users. A recommended clear width of 1800mm will allow two wheelchair users to pass each other on path, however where obstacles are unavoidable and 1800mm width cannot be provided, a clear width of at least 1200mm should be provided throughout the path.
  • Any kerbs in the route should have appropriate drop kerbs to allow access to a wheelchair


  1. Provide adequate number of accessible parking spaces (1 in every 25 spaces)
  2. Each accessible parking bay should be minimally 3600mm x 5000mm in size
  3. Parking bays should be within 30 metres from main entrance door
  4. Use appropriate signage to indicate location of parking bays



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