Hotel Accessibility Manual – Main Entrance

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Main Entrance

  • Hotel Accessibility Manual - Main EntranceEntrance should be easy to locate and adequately signposted
  • Consider installing automatic or semi-automatic doors
  • Avoid thresholds; if unavoidable, they should be no higher than 6mm
  • Doors should be easily identifiable and contrast visually with the surrounding wall
  • Where glass doors are used, they should have colour strips or other markers
  • The floor texture immediately next to the door should be different from the surrounding floor texture
  • There should be a landing of at least 1800mm x 1800mm immediately next to the door.


  • Hotel Accessibility Manual - lobby.jpgThe lobby should be levelled and split levels should be avoided.
  • It should have adequate circulation space for a guest on a wheelchair, parents with a double pram or a person with heavy luggage.
  • There should be adequate seating space with seats both with and without arm rests.
  • Any centre piece that may be used in the lobby should be such that can be easily detected by a person with vision impairments. This can be achieved by making it contrast in colour with the flooring and detectable by a white cane and by having its lower edge less than 300mm above the ground.


  • Hotel Accessibility Manual - Reception.jpgLocation of the reception should be such that it is easily identifiable from the entrance. The approach to the reception should be obstacle free.
  • The reception should be designed, so as to accommodate both standing and sitting guests. This can be achieved by providing a seated section that is minimally 1500mm wide x 760mm high x 700mm deep with a 750mm high knee recess. The standing section should range from 950mm to 1100mm in height.
  • A minimum clear floor area of 1200mm depth and 1800 mm width is required in front of any reception desk or counter (with a provision of 500mm deep knee recess) to enable sufficient manoeuvering space for wheelchair users. If there is no knee recess provided, then the minimum manoeuvering space required is 1400mm deep and 2200mm wide.
  • The face of the receptionist should be evenly lit. The surface of the reception counter should be non-reflective.
  • There should be a hearing enhancement system such as a loop induction unit,the availability of which is clearly indicated with a symbol at the reception.



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Ref :   Universal Design India Principles – ITC Hotels