Identify the Roles & Tasks for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs)

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State bank of India ( Corporate Centre – Mumbai ) e-Circular.  Identify the Tasks/Roles for “Persons with Disabilities (PWDs)” after switching  over to Core Banking and implementation of BPR initiatives in the Bank.

In terms of ‘Persons with Disabilities (Equal opportunities, Protection of Full Rights and Full Participation) Act,1995, every Government Department /Bank shall :

  • provide 3% of the vacancies w.e.f. 1.1.1996 in case of direct recruitment to officers, clerical and subordinate cadres towards reserved quota for PWDs,of which 1% each shall be reserved for persons suffering from :
    • blindness or low vision
    • hearing impairment
    • locomotive disability
  • identify posts in the establishment, as the reservation is applicable in the posts identified for each disability. While 3% of the identified posts in officers’ cadre will have to be reserved for PWDs, 3% of the total posts in award categories need to reserved for PWDs.
  • review the lists of posts identified and update the lists at periodical intervals not exceeding three years taking into consideration the development in technology


Although there is a provision for providing 3% reservation in promotion from subordinate to clerical cadre under the above Act, the same is not applicable in our Bank, as the quantum of direct recruitment in clerical cadre is more than 75%.

2. In view of the above guidelines, the Government of India have asked us to implement reservation policy in accordance with DOPT OM No. 36035/3/2004-Estt.(Res) dated 29.12.2005.

3. To Implement the Government of India guidelines/instructions and to utilise the services of the PWDs, effectively, a Committee was formed to identify the Tasks/Roles for “Persons with Disabilities (PWDs)” after switching over to Core Banking and implementation of BPR initiatives in the Bank. The Working Committee in consultation with EnAble India, a NGO based at Bangalore have finalised the under noted tasks/ roles identified for PWDs, detailed in Annexure-I.

S.NoDisabilityNature of Task/Role
1LV2 to 4, 6, to 12, 14 to
20, 22.23, 25, 30, 33
to 35,37,40 to 47
1 to 4, 6, to 12, 14 to
20, 22.23, 25, 30 to 36,
38 to 47
39 to 47
39 to 47
3HI3 to 6,8,9,11,13 to 29,
33 to 36, 38,
3 to 6,8,9,11, 13 to 29,
33 to 36, 38,
4OH2 to 10, & 12 to 471 to 10, & 12 to 47Nil
5CP1 to 471 to 47Nil

LV – Low Vision, VI- Visually Impaired, HI- Hearing Impaired
OH – Orthopaedically Handicapped, CP-Cerebral Palsy
CPM – Mild Cerebral Palsy, MPD- Mild Physically Disabled
MR – Mentally Retarded
*Nature of work as per Sr. No. in the Annexure

4. The Central Human Resources Committee in its Meeting held on 16.01.2012 has approved the Tasks/Roles as detailed in Annexure-I, which are to be performed by the “Persons with Disabilities ( PWDs)” .

5. Please arrange accordingly and bring the contents of the Circular to the notice of all concerned.

Circular Download : Jobs for PWDs – State Bank of India (pdf, 159 kB)