Inclusion Made Easy – Disability Program Guide

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INCLUSION MADE EASY A quick program guide to disability in development

A quick program guide to disability in development

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CBM, Australia

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How to use this guide

This guide is divided into two parts. Part A focuses on disability-inclusive development principles and Part B focuses on disability inclusion across a range of development sectors or program areas.

Part A provides the context and guiding principles around disability-inclusive development. It addresses the reasons why disability is a cross-cutting development issue and provides principles on how to include a disability perspective in mainstream development programs.

Part B provides specific information and practical steps for mainstreaming disability into a range of program areas and sectors. A reader should not necessarily need to read the entire guide. Rather, some sections will be more relevant to individual users than others. This will depend on background, experience and which sectors are the focus of a program. Part B chapters have been written in such a way as to stand alone, offering resources for specific applications.

Major Topic

  • Why disability is relevant to the development sector
  • Guiding principles of disability-inclusive development
  • Inclusive development practice within the project cycle
  • Making it happen in an organisation
  • Disability inclusion: Advocacy programs
  • Disability inclusion: Child rights
  • Disability inclusion: Disaster management
  • Disability inclusion: Education
  • Disability inclusion: Environment
  • Disability inclusion: Health
  • Disability inclusion: HIV/AIDS
  • Disability inclusion: Livelihood
  • Disability inclusion: WASH
  • Disability inclusion: Women