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“DIFFERENTLY ABLED NOT DISABLED” (DAND) is an initiative to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities. An accessible online environment to find necessary informations in order to live an ‘independent life’ through interaction with each other. Members, here, can share experiences and knowledges learned over the years. Opinions of people from different walks of life who wants to share their views and give valuable inputs in this connection will be appreciated.
“DIFFERENTLY ABLED NOT DISABLED” (DAND) will also appraise and update the information on latest development in this sector, on disability products, aids and devices. Members will come to know about the devices commonly used by others and the purpose of usage.
An important focus area of this portal would be education,employment and different kind of work opportunities for differently abled individuals, who can utilize their hidden potential in various conventional & unconventional spheres of work. This portal is a great way to interact with other like minded people.
Your views, information, advice and interests are welcomed. Whether an individual wishing to share his or her own experiences, charitable organizations wanting to give information, here is the place to be heard.
Lets be independent and make others independent. Disabled are not unable.