India’s Premiere Seminar and Workshop on Aphasia Therapy

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India’s Premiere Seminar and Workshop on Aphasia Therapy : RCI Approved CRE Workshop- A Three Day Workshop

Hosted by Sri Ramachandra University, Indian Council of Medical Research and Bhoomika Trust

Date: 23rd Feb, 2017 25th Feb, 2017.
Venue : Sri Ramachandra University , No.1 Ramachandra Nagar, Porur, Chennai – 600 116, Tamil Nadu. India

Workshop on Aphasia TherapyThis 3-day course provides a broad overview of traditional and new approaches to the management of aphasia. It builds on principles of plasticity and integrates impairment and activity / participation techniques that aim to improve the underlying language deficit as well as real-life communication effectiveness.

A variety of treatments are described in depth, including their theoretical underpinnings, the current evidence supporting their efficacy, and detailed administration procedures. Extensive video samples illustrate their application and provide opportunities of discussion.

International Faculty offering 3-day intensive knowledge and skill training in Aphasia and Rehabilitation.

Speaker Profiles :

Leora R. Cherney Profile ImageLeora R. Cherney, Ph.D., CC-SLP
Senior Research Scientist, Northwestern University, Chicago

Leora R. Cherney, Ph.D., BC-ANCDS, CC-SLP is a Senior Research Scientist at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, illinois and Professor of both Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Communication Sciences and Disorders at Northwester University.

She has had 35+ years of clinical experience working with adults with neurogenic communication disorders.

Ann K. Oehring Profile ImageAnn K. Oehring, MA, CCC-SLP
Consultant and Director of Chicago Speech and Langugage Services, Chicago

Ann K. Oehring, MA, CCC-SLP is a consultant with the center for Aphasia Research and Treatment at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC), Chicago, Illinois and is the Director of Chicago Speech and Language Services, Chicago, Illinois.

She has 30 years of clinical experience working with adults with neurogenic communication disorders.

Day1 (23 Feb 2017)

  • Aphasia Treatment: Building on Principles of Learning and Neuroplasticity
  • Linguistic Approaches : Addressing Semantics
  • Linguistic Approaches : Addressing Grammar
  • Intensive Language Action Therapy : Targeting Multiple Domains and Outcomes

Day 2 (24 Feb 2017)

  • Addressing Phonology
  • Aphasia and the Right Hemisphere
  • Working with Apraxia o Speech within an Aphasia Program
  • Multimodality Treatment Approaches
  • Loose Training Approaches
  • Oral Reading for Language in Aphasia
  • Scripting for Aphasia

Day 3 (25 Feb 2017)

  • Introduction to the LIfe Participation Approach to Aphasia (LPAA)
  • Using Technology for Rehabilitation and Using Technology to Facilitate Everyday Communication
  • Supported Concession : Training Conversational Partners including Health care Producers
  • Working with Aphasia Groups
  • The Intensive Comprehensive Aphasia Program
  • THe Future of Aphasia Therapy

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