Indicative list of self-employment ventures

This is illustrative; not exhaustive; list of few activities in service, business, and production sector, best suited to disabled and area (rural/urban/semi-Indicative list of self-employment venturesurban) depending upon demand & supply position, location, investment, skill and infrastructure facilities etc. It is well established fact that if ‘selective placement’ techniques are applied while placing the PWDs, they may show their optimum efficiency. On the other hand, PWDs(persons with disabilities) need human support too; because of limited psycho-motor functions, vision, hearing, speech and intellectual capabilities.

The parents, guardians, peer group, relatives and community at large, should assist the PWDs in those activities which can not be performed by PWDs as and when required and requested. In remaining areas, PWD entrepreneurs should be allowed and encouraged to complete the business related task by optimum utilization of their residual ability, so that they can gain confidence, strong will-power, sense of confidence of independent working and importance of self earning. The PWDs are advised neither to be overconfident nor to underestimate themselves. The PWDs should try to complete the business tasks independently as much as possible.

They should not hesitate too, in requesting parents/guardians/relatives and community for helping in completing those tasks, which can not be completed by them, because of restrictions/limitations imposed on them, due to impairment and disability.

While selecting any activity/business, the PWDs and their guardians/parents should keep in mind ‘Essential Physical and Intellectual requirement’ of choosen activity/business. For example : vision is required for running STD/PCO but it is not essential physical requirement.

The essential physical requirement means that choosen/given task/activity compulsory needed involvement of one or combinations of more than one physical/intellectual activities such as manipulating (with fingers), pulling, pushing, lifting, kneeling, crouching, bending, sitting, standing, walking, seeing, speaking, hearing, reading, writing etc. The codes, used for categories of PWDs and Area, are given below :


LV – Low Vision

VH – Visually Handicapped HH – Hearing Handicapped,

PHH – Partially Hearing Handicapped

MR – Mentally Retarded (Mild-Moderate)

LH – Locomotor Handicapped

AREA : U – Urban, SU – Semi-Urban, R – Rural.


Sl. No. Name of venture/activity Category of PWD suitableArea (Urban/ Semi-urban/Rural)
01Beauty ParlourHH, LHU, SU
02Health ClubHH, LH, LV, VHU
03CarpentryHH, LH, LV, MRU, SU, R
04Laundry & IroningHH, LH, MRU, SU
05BlacksmithHH, LH, LVU, SU, R
06Barbers shopHH, LHU, R
07PlumbingHH, LHU, SU, R
08Cycle Repairing shopHH, LH, LVU, SU, R
09Electronic Equipments CleaningHH, LH, LVU, SU
10Repairing of diesel engine pumpsHH, LHU, SU, R
11MasonryHH, LHU, SU, R
12Two-wheeler repairingLH, HH, LVU, SU, R
13Hiring of sound systemLH, HH, VH, MRU, SU
14Hiring of generator & lightingLH, HH, VH, MRU, SU
Domestic Appliances RepairingHH, LH, LVU, R
16Tyre servicing & vulcanising shopLH, HH, LVU, SU, R
17Repairing & servicing of agriculture toolsHH, LH, LVU, SU, R
18STD/PCO, Fax with conference facilitiesVH, HH, LHU, SU
19Clock & Watch repairingLH, HHU, SU
20Musical Instrument Repairing PHH,LV,LHU, SU
21Mobile, EPBX, Fax, Phone repairingLHU
22Radio & TV, CD player, tape-recorder repairingLHU, SU
23Sewing-knitting machine repairingLH, HHU, SU
24Physiotherapy CentreHH, LH, OL, VHU, SU
25Footwear & leather goods repairingHH, LH, MRU, SU
26AC, Refrigerator, cooker repairingHH, LHU
27Xeroxing, lamination, spiral bindingHH, LV, LHU, SU
28House wiring & electrificationHH, LHU, SU, R
29Computer Hardware & RepairingHH, LHU, SU
30Coil BindingHH, LHU, SU
31Gardening (Mali)HH, LH, LV, MRU
32Screen Printing & Commercial ArtHH, LHU, SU
33Photo framingHH, LHU, SU
34Tailoring shopHH, LHU, SU, R
35Musical BandVH, LV, LH, MR, PHHU, SU, R


Sl. No. Name of venture/activity Category of PWDs suitable Area (Urban/Semi-urban/Rural)
01Cement jail-pipe, flower pot Mnfg.LH, HH, VHU, SU, R
02Cane Products UnitHH, VH, LH, MRU, SU, R
03Chalk MakingLH, HH, VH, MRU, SU, R
04Candle MakingHH, VH, MR, LHU, SU, R
05Agarbatti MakingVH, HH, MR, LHU, SU, R
06Jute ProductsHH, VH, MR, LHU, SU, R
07Leather goods (purses, bags etc.)HH, LV, LHU, SU
08Agriculture implements Mnfg.HH, LHU, SU, R
09Plastic Goods ManufacturingLH, HH, VH, MRU, SU
10Rope MakingHH, VH, LH, MRU, SU, R
11Readymade garmentsHH, LHU, SU
12Book BindingHH, VH, MR, LHU, SU
13Rubber stamp, sign-board,Badges, Number Plates,Name PlatesHH, LHU, SU
14Sauce-pickles,Papad-Badi Mnfg.HH, LV, LH, MRU, SU, R
15Broom makingHH, VH, LH, MRR
16C.B. Bricks ManufacturingHH, VH, LHSU, R
17Processing of maize & Ragi HH, VH, LV, LHU, SU, R
18Processing, Packing,Marketing of cerealsHH, VH, LH, MRU, SU, R
19Leaf-cup plate makingVH, HH, LH, MRU, SU, R
20Bamboo item production unitVH, HH, LH, MRU, SU, R
21Bee keepingHH, LH, MRSU, R
22Processing-Packing & Marketing of spicesHH, VH, LH, MRU, SU, R
23Furniture ManufacturingHH, LV, LHU, SU
24Orthotics-Prosthetic ManufacturingHH, LHU, SU
25Note Book-copy-file manufacturingHH, LH, LVU, SU
26Stone-wood carvingHH, LH, MRU, SU, R
27Handloom ProductsHH, VH, LV, LHU, SU, R
28Appliqué WorkHH, LHU, SU, R
29Rice Processing HullerLH, HH, VH, LVSU, R
30Dairy UnitHH, LH, VH, MRU, SU, R
31Goatery PiggeryHH, LH, MR, LVU, SU, R
32Poultry farmingHH, LH, LVU, SU, R
33FisheriesHH, LH, LVU, SU, R
34PotteryHH, LH, LVU, SU, R
35Paper Bags ManufacturingHH, LH, VH, MRU, SU


Sl. No.Name of venture/activityCategory of PWDs suitable Area (Urban/Semi-urban/Rural)
01Ladies CornerLH, HH, LV, MRU, SU
02Blouse Petticoat Matching CenterLH, HH, LVU, SU
03Cloth StoreLH, HH, LVU, SU, R
04General StoreLH, HH, LV, MRU, SU, R
05Utensil shopLH, HH, LVU, SU
06Medicine shopLHU, SU
07Sweets-snacks shopLH, HH, LVU, SU, R
08Betel shopLH, HH, VHU, SU, R
09Hardware & Paints shopLH, VH, LVU, SU
10Book & Stationery shopLH, HH, LVU, SU, R
11Video-VCD Cassette hiring shopLH, HH, LVU, SU
12Audio-Video Cassette sales shopLH, HH, LV, MRU, SU
13Variety storeLH, HH, VH, MRU, SU, R
14Electrical item sales shopLH, HH, LVU, SU
15Electronic goods sale shopLH, VH, HHU, SU
16Luggage sales & service shopLH, VH, HHU, SU
17Watch-clock sales & RepairingLH, HH, LVU, SU
18Cycle repairing & salesLH, HH, LVU, SU, R
19Gift item centerLH, HH, MRU, SU
20Vegetable vendorLH, HH, LV, MRU, SU, R
21Fruit juice & fruits vendorLH, HL, LV, MRU, SU
22Milk product parloursLH, HH, LV, MRU, SU
23Dhaba & RestaurantLH, HH, LVU, SU,SH/NH Roads
24Photo Studio/VideographyLH, HHU, SU
25Seeds, fertilizer & Pesticides shopLH, HH, LV, VH, MRU, SU, R
26Tent HouseLH, HH, LVU, SU, R
27Cyber Café & DTP job workLH, HHU, SU
28Clinical LabLHU, SU
29Ice-cream / juice parlourLH, HH, VH, MRU, SU
30Sea foods sellingLH, HH, LV, MRSU, R
31Travel AgentLH, LV, HHU, SU
32Building materialLH, LV, HH, VHU, SU
33Sports EmporiumLH, HH, HHU, SU
34Photography & VideographyHH, LHU, SU
35Flour MillHH, LH, LVU, SU, R